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If it helps you be a fun, smart parent for less, we blog about it! Check out our Pinterest page at and come into your local Kid to Kid for even more fun and savings.

Rainy day play ideas

Rainy day outdoor and indoor play ideas Outdoor play ideas

Make mud drawings! Kids and dirt go together like peanut butter and jelly. Throw on some rain boots and take advantage of a rainy, muddy day. You can use mud to draw on the sidewalk or on paper. Drawing with mud can be less messy overall than splashing in puddles, too. Take pictures of your awesome mud drawings to hang on the fridge.

Dance in the rain. Take a break and get silly! Pump some awesome music from the house and have a rain dance party! A quick dance outside can burn lots of energy from being stuck inside and is good exercise.

Play with sounds. What happens when you put different items out in the rain? What does rain sound like on cardboard, metal, plastic, or other items? Ask  your kids to describe what they think it will sound like in the rain, then try it out! Make your own rain orchestra with different items sitting in the rain.

Indoor play ideas

Snuggle and read. When it’s too cold or too rainy for outdoor play, snuggle up with a good book and maybe a warm drink. Rainy days are perfect times to get in some reading. Pick some great books and read together. Take turns reading, too. What books are their favorite?

Set up pretend store. “Hello, I’d like to buy these oranges!.” You can set up a pretend store in your kitchen or with the clothes in your closet. A pretend store is a great way to teach  your kids about money and counting. When you’re stuck inside because of weather, a pretend store makes if feel like your somewhere else and kids have fun playing cashier.

Play dress-up. Any imaginative games help with the boredom that comes along with rainy days. Pick different themes for dress-up. Parents have to play too! Then you can all put on a show after you dress up as your characters. Use paper and cardboard for some easy DIY play accessories.

Get more ideas from Let The Children Play.

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Kid to Kid and your community

how kid to kid works within your community Our stores love to get involved in the community. We wanted to let you know all the awesome ways our local owners get involved!

Providing clothing and equipment for growing kids 

We’re the best of kids’ resale and love providing an amazing array of clothing, toys, equipment and more. We carry new and used items from preemie sizes all the way up to size 14. Don’t forget that we also have maternity clothes for a growing bump. Kids grow too fast, and we know how much of a need there is for clothing and toys at a lower cost. With Kid to Kid, you get to keep more money in your wallet and get great clothes and equipment.

Paying  you cash or store credit for your outgrown  items 

We’re always looking for gently used kids’ and maternity clothes and equipment. In order to keep our stock up, we buy your stuff! That means you get cash on the spot or 20% more in store credit for your items. That money can then be used again in your community at other stores, or the store credit can be used to save money on even more stuff for your kids (and kids need a lot of stuff!). Check with your local store to see what they’re buying so you can get the most out of your trip to Kid to Kid.

Donating your leftover items 

Have something we couldn’t buy? That’s okay! We offer to donate your clothes to local charities and organizations in need. Your trip to Kid to Kid just keeps giving to your local community. Check with your store to see what charities they’re donating items to.

Providing great employment opportunities 

We need people to help buy and sell items in our stores! We employ many associates, buyers, and managers in our stores. If you love Kid to Kid, check the jobs page for employment opportunities. With employing a local workforce in each city, your money goes right back into the community.

Kid to Kid loves our communities. Our great product comes directly from the communities around us. You all make us the best.

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How to reduce, reuse, and recycle

reduce, reuse, and recycle Happy Earth Month! Last year, Kid to Kid helped shoppers recycle over 8.3 million items! We love our earth and want to help protect it which is why we love to buy your kids’ and maternity wear. Because of this we’re giving you great tips to reduce, reuse, and recycle your items. This process keeps money in your wallet and reduces waste.


The first step in the healthy earth model is to reduce the amount of items your buy overall. It can be hard to do this with growing kids, though! A good rule from our organization post is to try the one-in and one-out process. For every item you bring in, another item gets donated, sold, or recycled. Another good way to reduce overall is to keep track of the items you use most often and ones that didn’t work out so well. For example, did the whole family like that new recipe or will it go to waste next time?


Reusing an item is a great way to give it a new life! View our Pinterest board for some great Upcycle projects! There are an amazing amount of uses for old items. Don’t toss it until you can evaluate if you can reuse it. Use old Tshirts as rags, reuse bottles and jars, and keep newspaper for messy crafts. Don’t forget that boxes can make great forts and other crafts.


Now it’s our favorite part! Recycle. You don’t always have to donate items to recycle. Drop them off at Kid to Kid and get cash or store credit for your gently used maternity and kids’ items. Any other items like furniture can be sold through local classified ads or donated to a good cause. Your items can be used to help your community when you’re done with them before they go in the trash. The more you can recycle your items, the less items other people need to buy, and the less items go to a landfill. Don’t forget recyclable items like plastics, metals, and papers too!

We love that our shoppers help the earth by recycling items through Kid to Kid and we’re happy to see those gently used items that you sold to us helping other families. What are your tips for other families so they can help reduce, reuse, and recycle? Tell us in the comments!

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How to encourage outdoor play

Outdoor play ideas and getting your kids outside “Mom! I’m bored!”
“Well go play outside!”

How often does that conversation happen in your house during spring and summer? With the age of the internet, video games, and TV it can be difficult to encourage your kids to play outside.  Outdoor play can be amazingly fun and bonding time for the whole family.

Visit new places

What’s more exciting than an adventure to a new place? Grab your water bottles and explore a new area such as a park, nearby neighborhood, or nature areas. Take note of all the new things you see and what you like about them. The thought of going to a new place can be enough to get your kids heading toward the door to spend more time in nature.

Watch and explore the wildlife and plants

Go on a hike or even in your back yard and have your kids observe everything around them. Send them on a mini-scavenger hunt to discover new plants. What birds and other wildlife are around? What do they look like? Exploring wildlife and plants can be made even better with kid-friendly binoculars and cameras! Make it an outdoor photo contest in your family.

Build a fort

Building a fort isn’t an indoor-only activity by any means! Grab some sheets or blankets that you don’t mind getting messy and head outside. Kids can string up tents and forts between the trees or fences in your back yard. Building a fort gives your kids a goal and can keep them outdoors and active while creating something that they would normally make inside.

Exercise, bike, and hike together

Your family can become closer when you are active together. Add family outdoor time to your list in addition to game night or movie night. Jog around the block, ride your bikes, or go for a nice hike as a group. This gets your whole family involved in being active outdoors.

Get outdoor toys

Kid to Kid carries a variety of outdoor toys from butterfly nets to slides. Stop in and grab some toy shovels, buckets, and more to encourage your kids to play outside. Don’t forget sidewalk chalk and bubbles which are of course a must-have for outdoor play.

Just relax and watch the clouds

What shapes do you see in the sky? Take a moment to look up at the moving clouds and talk about what shapes you see. Watching the clouds is a great time for your kids to be creative and to relax and take in the fresh air.

Get more outdoor ideas from and

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Tips to getting your kids involved in spring cleaning

Getting your kids involved in spring cleaning It’s officially spring! We know the spring-cleaning bug has bitten us, what about you? Now is also a perfect time to get your kids involved in cleaning. Grab a duster and let’s get going!

Tip 1: Set cleaning goals

Sit down with your family and pick your goals for the day or the week. What rooms need to be done? For example if their bedrooms need to be cleaned, what does that involve? Does laundry need to be folded? Are toys all over the floor? Also, when does it need to be completed? It’s especially important to have larger jobs like “clean your room” broken down into smaller tasks so children don’t become overwhelmed.

Instead use things a broken out list like “Make your bed, then pick up your toys, put away your clean laundry, then dance break! Finally help mommy dust and vacuum your room.”

Tip 2: Choose age appropriate tasks & make it fun!

It’s always important to not give tasks that are too big for your kid to complete. For instance, toddlers can follow you around and help pick up things. They can put their toys away and help pull laundry from the dryer. Elementary age children can do most of the tasks involved in cleaning except maybe those involving more elbow grease like vacuuming or mopping. Older kids can help in all aspects of spring cleaning.

Don’t forget to make cleaning fun! Throw on some music and have a mini dance party when you all complete a task. Try doing some color chores sorting for the younger kids too! For example they can put away all the toys with the color yellow on them. Breaking up the cleaning tasks and taking small breaks helps your kids focus.

Tip 3: Have positive reinforcement and rewards

When it’s all said and done, your kids may need incentives for cleaning. Those don’t always have to be bribes either! Acknowledge when your kids do a good job of cleaning and gently encourage them if they need to do a little better at picking up toys or putting away clothes. Rewards can also be small items like an extra snack or more TV time. Maybe your reward can be all going out to the park once everything is picked up!

Speaking of cleaning, check out our post on how to organize clothes and toys and sell your items to Kid to Kid!

Get more cleaning inspiration from Huffington Post and get cleaning kit ideas from Modern Parents Messy Kids.

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St. Patrick’s Day crafts and treats

Grab your green and get ready for St. Patrick’s Day! Don’t worry, you still have the weekend to get some clothes, make some treats, and formulate a plan to avoid getting pinched! Check your local Kid to Kid for its St. Patrick’s Day section too!

St. Patrick's printable kit thin mint puppy chow Dress-up ideas

Of course you and your kids need to dress up for St. Patrick’s. Add a dab of green with jewelry, scarfs, and hair accessories. You can also go all-out with a full green outfit! Luckily, we’re bringing you a couple of easy add-ons for your kids!  Grab this Leprechaun disguise kit from Spoonful and this girls’ shamrock hair clip too!

Thin mint muddy buddies (puppy chow)

St. Patrick’s wouldn’t be complete without some yummy snacks. Make this muddy buddies snack that incorporates minty-green for St. Patrick’s and mirrors the delicious taste of Girls Scout Thin Mint cookies! You’ll need Chex, chocolate, mint chocolate, and M & M’s for this treat. Get the recipe.

St Patrick's Day crafts and treats for kids Party ideas

A themed party is the perfect place to make everything green and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your family and kids. How fun! An easy treat for a party is dyed milk. Decorate with placemats, garlands, shamrocks, gold, glitter, rainbows, and more! See more photos of this great themed party from

There are tons of great crafts, decorations, and treats for St. Patrick’s Day. See more ideas that you can do over the weekend from Spoonful.

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How to sort through clothes and toys (and then sell them to Kid to Kid!)

how to sort through clothes, toys, and equipment then sell them to Kid to Kid Open the windows and throw open the closet doors! It’s the perfect time to go through your maternity or kids’ wardrobe, toys, and baby equipment! When it’s all said and done, sell your gently used items to Kid to Kid for cash or 20% more when you pick store credit. Follow these simple steps and tips and you’re sure to organize your closets in no time!

Step 1: Start a sorting system and pick a room

Sorting is best done room-by-room and kid-by-kid if you have more than one. This allows you to focus on just the needs for that room and space. Grab three bins or boxes. Label them Keep, Sell, and trash. Now it’s time to go through your stuff! Don’t forget items like toys and baby equipment too! Now you’re ready to get started on sorting.

Step 2: Evaluating items

Does it fit? If the answer is no and it’s in good shape, add it your sell box.

Has it been worn or used in the past year? Sometimes there are special occasion outfits like Easter dresses, but chances are that if it wasn’t worn in the last year, it won’t be worn again or they have grown out of it. The same goes for toys. Your kids may have grown out of these toys and probably won’t use them if they have sat untouched for a year or more.

Can it be used for another child or at another time? If you’re planning on adding to the family, you may want to keep your maternity-wear around. If you have kids that are almost the next size up, then it may be a good idea to keep these items on hand. However, if they won’t be used again and they are gently used, add them to the sell pile.

Is it outdated, torn, or stained? At Kid to Kid, we only buy and sell gently used items. If you have clothes in your closet that are stained or torn and you can’t use them for messy craft shirts, then it’s probably time to trash them. If you don’t want to throw them out, you can use these items as cleaning rags!

Do we use this item regularly? Toys, baby equipment, and furniture take up a lot of space! Evaluate when the last time was that you used it. If it’s in clean and in good condition, then sell it!

Step 3: Sell your items at Kid to Kid

Earn some cash or store credit by taking that “Sell” box into your local Kid to Kid. Bring freshly cleaned, gently used maternity-wear, kids’ clothes, toys, and equipment during buying hours. Every store chooses what items to sell based on season, style, condition, and inventory. Lastly, you’ll receive a quote for a cash offer or 20% more in store credit.  You can also consider [...]

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Spring clothing fashion trends for kids

Kids' spring styles for boys (From Must-have kids’ styles

We’re pumped for spring at Kid to Kid! Our stores have been collecting the best of spring dresses, outfits, and accessories all year long for the lowest prices. Stop in at your local Kid to Kid to gear up for spring and summer just as the seasons are changing.


Patterns, especially floral, are a spring style stand-by. Don’t forget plaid in pastels and light colors. A simple pattern can be used as a neutral and matched with a variety of colors. Using a subtle pattern adds interest to your kids’ wardrobe while meaning it can last and match with their other clothes.

Kids spring styles and dresses (from Blazers and vests

The classic blazers, vests, and jackets are now kid-sized! These little touches dress up your kids’ wardrobe more than a regular hoodie or jacket would. More often, adult styles are being made into kids’ styles for a chic look. Don’t forget blazers for girls too!

Colored shoes, shorts, and jeans

Adding bright colors in unexpected places is all the rage for kids and adults for spring and summer. You’ll see more options for colored jeans and shorts. Add a colored ballet flat to your daughter’s dress for a fun pop of color. The must-have colors for jeans and shoes include yellow, pastel blue, and salmon. Grab some great outfit ideas from

We’ve also got the hot color combinations for the upcoming season.

Olive and tan/brown Navy and brown Green and purple Aqua and green Neon color combinations

Spring and summer styles and colors for kids

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Indoor camping party ideas

Indoor camping party ideas for kids

Let’s get started on spring and summer early! It’s still too cold for regular outdoor activities, especially camping, so why not bring the camping inside! We’ve got your indoor camping party already planned for you. Just follow the simple steps for a super fun sleepover with your kids and their friends!

Build your tents or forts

If your kids are old enough, have them lend a hand in building your tent. Small store-bought tents can be inexpensive, however you can also throw sheets over a clothesline or even build other forts out of pillows and blankets. Don’t forget that boxes and markers can make for great tent-building materials! Make sure everyone gets comfy and unloads their pillows and sleeping bags in and around your tents or forts! Now you’re off to a great start!

Make a (fake) fire

There are tons of ways to create a safe, fake fire for fun! Place your campfire outside of your tent. You can use sticks, paper towel tubes, tissue paper, and LED candles to create your fires and give a nice glow to your campsite. The campfire is a perfect place to huddle and share stories, sing songs, and read books!

Eat some camp food snacks

A camping party wouldn’t be complete without camp food! Traditional campfire food includes s’mores – of course – plus hotdogs, chips, and even chili. S’mores can be toasted in the oven for a fresh-from-the-campfire taste.

Watch some drive-in movies

Follow the outdoors theme by making your own “Drive-In” theater. Turn boxes into cars by using markers. Have all the kids pull up to the theater. Pick and outdoor adventure or camping movie just to fit the theme. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Stargaze inside before bed

Decorate your ceiling with twinkling holiday lights for a starry-night experience. You could even tape your lights into patterns to create your own constellations.  You can also create constellations with glow-in-the-dark plastic stars! Have your kids draw and create their own constellations with white crayons on black or dark blue paper. What do their constellations represent? What do they think the galaxy looks like?

The last step to a successful indoor camping sleepover is to snuggle up in your sleeping bags for the night. An indoor camping party is a great way to get excited for summer and bring a fresh idea to a regular sleepover. Get more inspiration from and

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Valentine’s Day treats with food you already have!

It’s Valentine’s Day! We hope you have an amazing day planned with your family. How about some last-minute treats? We’re bringing you some yummy Valentine’s Day snacks that you can make with food you probably already have around the house.

Easy Valentine's Day Snacks Hotdog Cupid Hearts

These easy snacks are amazingly quick and are sure to impress! Just grab three simple ingredients, hot dogs, linguini or spaghetti, and cheese! This treat is made in just a few easy steps. Cook your hot dogs and cut them diagonally. Place your hotdogs together as shown in the photo. Spear your heart with a small piece of uncooked linguini or thick spaghetti. Next slice the cheese into arrow sections and add them to the ends!

Valentine's treats that are healthy Easy Heart Yogurt and Apple Sauce

Red and pink hearts make any snack more fun! Try this cute treat using apple sauce or yogurt. Set aside a small section of your yogurt or apple sauce. Use red food dye to color what you’ve set aside. Next add the apple sauce or yogurt into a squeeze bottle and decorate each with a big heart! This is a healthier alternative to candy or baked goods, but is still sweet and fun!

Valentine's Day Treats with food you already have
Festive Pancakes

Dress up breakfast (or even breakfast-for-dinner) with these heart-shaped pancakes. The steps couldn’t be easier! In fact you kids may be able to help. Mix up a batch of pancake mix. Next add it to a squeeze bottle. A cleaned out ketchup or mustard bottle can work well for this! Make sure your pan or griddle is warmed up. Now use the squeeze bottle to draw your design. Once the edges are browned you can flip your pancake drawing to fully cook it. You can add extra flair with food coloring too!

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