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If it helps you be a fun, smart parent for less, we blog about it! Check out our Pinterest page at and come into your local Kid to Kid for even more fun and savings.

Spring clean checklist

Spring Clean Checklist It’s spring! Use this handy spring clean checklist to tackle each room. We’ll be honest, our favorite is the closets because we want to give you cash for your outgrown kids’ and maternity items. Find a store and save those like-new things to sell to Kid to Kid for cash or 20% more in store credit. It’s a great treat to get paid to clean, right?

Open and print this cleaning checklist and you’ll be well on your way to an awesomely clean house! Get the kids involved too. This is a printer-friendly file!

Click here to open the Spring Clean Checklist

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Easter treats, goodies, and fun ideas!

Easter is almost here and we can’t wait!  Plus don’t forget to grab an adorable Easter outfit, accessories, or basket stuffers before this weekend’s events.

Layered Peeps Bars

So pretty and colorful! Use Peeps marshmallows to make these yummy layered treats. Get the recipe.

Easter Bunny Dirt Cake

Simple, cute, and filled with chocolate! This is a great treat to serve a larger group of family and kids. Get the recipe.

Easy Veggie Bars

Make something savory too! These veggie bars will be a hit for parents and kids. Get the recipe. 

Hop to Win Sack Race 

This is such a fun activity that’s great for kids of all ages! Hop to win this sack race with pillow cases or bags. Learn more.

Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

Such a fun way to dye eggs! This tie dye method creates vibrant colors and patterns and you just need vinegar, dye, and paper towels. Learn more.

Non-Candy Egg Stuffers

These are some great ideas to stuff Easter eggs that aren’t candy! Get your small toys and more at Kid to Kid! Learn more.

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Cleaning games and tips

Roll the dice (Featured)
Make your own dice cleaning game and roll to find out what your task is. Include parents too! You can even have rewards that you get to roll for too! It’s a good way to distribute tasks by chance so everyone feels their task is picked fairly. Plus, everyone loves to see what the dice will say!

Race the clock
There are two ways to race the clock in a messy room. Set a timer and see who can pick up the most items, or designate a space and see who can clean it up the fastest. This speed cleaning technique becomes a race more than it becomes cleaning. It works best for picking up toys – you don’t want to break a dish speed cleaning the kitchen! It’s a good idea to make sure that toys have enough places to go. Bins that can rotate between rooms help with cleanup.

Shoot hoops to score
Stuffed animals and other soft toys are great to play with this cleanup game! See how many you can score by tossing into a bin or basket. This can work with dirty clothes and a hamper or washing machine too! See who can score the most baskets.

Find the colors
Have your kids find a color of toy, clothing item, or trash to put away. Once you get through all the colors of the rainbow, everything will be clean! This works best for kids who get distracted by toys while cleaning and can keep them focused on a specific task.

Count the items
Counting is a great game for younger kids. Ask them to find a certain number of items as their chore. Having your kids pick up 10 items each day can help stay on top of messy rooms and playrooms. Rewards are a great incentive for a recurring game, like a small treat or an allowance.

Sweep into the goal
Set up a small goalpost with two bottles or with tape on your hard surface floors. Have your kids sweep all the items into the goal post. It teaches dexterity using a broom and makes it easy to get all the dust into the dustpan to throw away. Teach those dust-bunnies a lesson!

Take a dance break
Finally, take a quick dance break between games! You’ve earned it.

Cleaning Tips:

  • Put aside clean outgrown items to sell to Kid to Kid.
  • Focus on one room or one area at a time to not get distracted.
  • Take a short break if you get distracted so you can refocus easier.
  • Make sure every toy and item has a place to be put away.
  • Get the whole house involved in cleaning and it will go faster and be more fun.
  • Choose age-appropriate cleaning tasks for each child.
  • Set up a consistent chore or cleaning plan to stay on top of messes.
  • Reward your kids for participating in picking up their toys and trash.
  • Get kids’ involved in cooking and grocery shopping too!
  • Keep harsh chemicals away from young children or try natural cleaners instead.
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Fun friendship bracelets

Make new friends with these awesome bracelet ideas! Perfect to connect with friends before the spring and summer vacations. Don’t forget to get other accessories at your local Kid to Kid!

Neon and wooden bead bracelet 

Simple friendship bracelet 

Lovely heart bracelet patterns

Toddler-friendly bracelets 

Round rope style bracelet 

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St. Patrick’s Day treats, crafts, and more!

Grab your green, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrate with these yummy treats, crafts, and more!
Don’t forget to buy your green and fun toys at your local Kid to Kid.

St. Patrick’s rice treats
YUM! These look so fun! Get your kids involved by having them pick out the marshmallows from cereal-
and try not to eat them first! You can make it as green as you want! Get the recipe.

Pistachio fruit dip
A good way to get some fruit into some treats, this pistachio fruit dip is great for dunking fruit, crackers, cookies, and more.
It’s also really simple to make and perfect for kids and adults. Get the recipe.

Shamrock sherbet punch
You’ve gotta have punch at a party! This shamrock punch is perfect with it’s green color and smooth taste.
You can make it even more green by adding coloring. Get the recipe.

Rolling pin printing
This is a fun craft for kids of any age. Just use a rolling pin or other tube and foam shapes to create shamrocks,
then add paint and you’re ready to go! Get more info.

Slime coin dig
This is a fun super fun activity for kids! Just make some slime and add coins or other small items.
Have a race to see how many coins you get! Learn more.

Scavenger hunt
This is a fun idea for a St. Patrick’s scavenger hunt. It’s a great way to help teach your kids problem-solving;
plus it’s fun! Learn how they did it.

Paper shamrock decoration craft
This is simple and looks amazing! It’s great for decoration too! Learn how.

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DIY spring party ideas

Spring is full of fun events including St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and more! Plus it’s a great time for birthday parties and baby showers. Here are some simple DIY ideas for your spring party. Planning a party? Pick up your gifts or gift cards at your local Kid to Kid. Find a store.

Amazing confetti straws 
These confetti straws are as fun to make as they are to break open! They make beautiful centerpieces too, or cut them open to throw around confetti.
Plan colors to match the theme of your party. Read More. 

Cupcake liner flower lights 
These are adorable, easy, and can be used as decoration or as a photo backdrop.
You can even cut other shapes like shamrocks leaves. Read More.

Flower balloon decorations 
These balloons don’t require helium and can be hung from the wall or ceiling.
Brighten up your spring party with this inexpensive decoration. Read More.

Simple folded butterflies 
Perfect as a party craft or decoration, these simple butterflies only need two items.
Just get origami paper and cleaning wire. Read More.

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Ways to Learn for Free

101 Alphabet  Activities 
This Reading Mama brings tons of reading and alphabet activities.

Outdoor Math Games 
The Golden Gleam brings you great math activities you can do outdoors.

Writing Full Sentences 
This Reading Mama has more info about teaching kids full episodes.

Online resources:

PBS Kids – Free educational games and more! – Reading and math games for young children plus activities.

Science Kids – Science lessons and educational activities for kids.

ABCya – Games and more separated by grade level.

Nick Jr. – Games with your favorite TV characters!

Fisher-Price – From ABCs to shapes and more for kids!

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Winter Survival Tips

Is it still storming in your area? This winter has been rough for many parts of the country and your family might be cold and bored! Below are some great tips and ideas for surviving winter with your family including fun activities to prevent boredom. 

Mommy Octopus has some great tips for preparing for a winter storm! Be sure you have plenty of non-perishable food, water, charged electronics, flashlights, and candles.
Then be prepared with board games and more for some good family fun when you’re snowed in. Read more.

Fireflies and Mud Pies has some amazing tips for winter play and safety while playing outside in the cold.
You’ll find tons of tips for layering clothes plus some great outdoor winter games! Read more.

Your Modern Family has an amazing tutorial for building a mini igloo.
It’s a great activity for the whole family when you have tons of snow! They even have a window in their igloo! Read more.

Too cold outside? Under the Sycamore has a great activity!
Bring the snow inside for some awesome winter playtime without the cold weather. Read more.

Fresh vegetables and fruit can get pricey in winter. Premeditated Leftovers brings you some
ideas and tips for saving money on produce during the cold winter months. Read more.

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Family Date Night!

family date fun Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Here are some fun family date night ideas for you and your kids! Spend some time together before heading out on a romantic date with your significant other.

Picnic in the park (or backyard!)

What’s more fun than a picnic? Weather permitting, pack a special lunch and head out to the park or to the backyard and have a family picnic! Pack that lunch with some yummy Valentine’s treats and fizzy drinks. Make this picnic digital screen free and spend time talking and enjoying the weather. If it’s still not nice enough outside, then have an indoor picnic!

Decorate Valentine’s cookies

Make some plain sugar cookies or buy some from the store. Then load up on frosting, sprinkles, and candies to decorate your yummy cookies! It’s a great activity for the whole family and for friends too.

Make  a goofy photo booth 

Set up an easy backdrop with cutout hearts on a string to make your fun photo booth. Grab some props like silly costumes, hearts, wings, cupid’s arrows, and more for fun photos! These are great keepsakes and can be a fun tradition for every Valentine’s Day.

Visit a zoo, aquarium, or museum

Check your local zoo, aquarium, or museum for special holiday events! They’ll often have special events, fun tours, and sometimes discounted rates. It’s a great family date and you can sometimes avoid the crowds that show up during the busy seasons like summer.

Family movie night

Family movie night is a great tradition! Head to a daytime movie or put something on at home. Don’t forget tons of snacks! There are some great family movie night ideas in one of our other posts too!

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Creative Frame Ideas

Show off kids’ art, family portraits, and more using creative frames! Use the great tips below to save money on expensive framing and dress up your walls!

Show off your family tree
Use a bunch of family photos and build a family tree! You can find easy-to-remove vinyl tree decals or paint one onto your wall.

Create colorful versatile clip frames
We love this switchable photo frame idea! Using a clip makes it easy to swap out a photo and you can create any look you want using scrapbook paper.

Use your Instagram photos!
Square format photos are easy to set up in a grid and switch out easily like in this clothes pin large frame.

Frames don’t have to be big
Use every day objects and add a photo like in this adorable alarm clock frame!

Layer up photo ornaments
Create an interesting layered look using ornaments and create your own photo ornaments. It’s a great holiday look but can be used all year long!

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