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DIY Costume Ideas

Kid to Kid LOVES Halloween! Check out these easy, last-minute costumes! Want to buy a costume? Get it at Kid to Kid for less and don’t forget to sell last year’s costume for cash or 20% more in store credit.
Enter our Halloween Instagram Costume Contest too!

Make this paper doll costume for next to nothing!
Try different paint or marker colors too! Instructions Here.


Easy animal mask with fake fur. A fox would be adorable too!
Instructions Here.

Explore under the ocean with a scuba suit. Easily make accessories to pair
with a black sweatsuit. Works for girls and adults too! Instructions Here.

Bat wings are easy and a perfect accessory. Make them in adult size if you need something to
wear trick-or-treating. These could be made to fit over a coat or jacket if it’s cold outside. Instructions Here.

Don’t forget to dress that bump! Love this jellyfish
easy DIY maternity costume. Instructions Here.

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Instagram Halloween Costume Contest Favorites

Halloween Costume Contest
Our Instagram Halloween Costume Contest is in full swing, and we are loving the submissions that have been entered so far! Don’t forget to enter by posting a photo of your kid in their cute Halloween costume with the hashtag #kidtokidcostume. You have until November 3rd to enter, and we’ll choose 5 winners for $50-100 gift cards. See the full rules here.

We can’t wait to see everyone’s submissions on Halloween! Here are a few of our favorites so far:

Instagram Photo 1

Instagram Photo 2

Instagram Photo 3
Instagram Photo 4

Instagram Photo 5

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Fun leaf crafts

It’s fall! Get outside and gather some leaves for these fun leaf crafts!
Don’t forget to jump in a big pile of leaves before getting started!

Celebrate fall with traditional leaf rubbings.
Use a variety of colors and overlap leafs to create an amazing work of art! Instructions.

Love these smiling Leaf Peepers!
Googly eyes, markers, sparkles, and more! Instructions.

Make a stunning leaf crown for your kids!
This just uses leaves and scissors! How cool! Instructions.

Create 3D art with foil and spray adhesive.
So perfect for the art wall! Instructions.

Get crafty making animal shapes from leaves.
What can your kids create? Instructions.

Metallic markers and paint markers look amazing on leaves.
Dress them up with patterns and more. Instructions.

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Fall maternity fashion ideas

Define your waist with a slim belt.
Colored jeans are great for fall too!

Dresses are so comfortable for your baby bump.
Grab a scarf, tights, and boots to bring this look into fall.

Have maxi dresses or skirts from summer?
Bring those into fall by adding a sweater on top or a jacket.

Sweat pants can be dressy! You can pair a nice pair of
shoes and a fitted jacket to upgrade those joggers.

Love this real mom’s look.
Comfy, cute, and perfect for fall!


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Bring your kids’ summer wardrobe into fall

summer wardrobe into fall As a parent, you know that kids grow fast, so making their clothes last longer is always best. For those little ones that are sprouting up, you can’t always use those summer clothes next year! You don’t want to put them in storage and have to buy a new fall wardrobe, so this year bring some of those summer clothes into fall!

Use tights, leggings, boots, and socks. Don’t store those dresses and skirts yet! Add some leggings, tights, and boots into your girl’s wardrobe and make those last into fall and winter! Boots are a perfect addition to dress for colder months. Don’t forget that colored and patterned leggings are adorable this season! You can also buy sweater tights that are thicker and warmer than regular tights. Also add some boot socks over tights for an adorable layered look with any skirt or dress.

Layer, layer, layer! Most of the spring and summer wardrobe items can be brought into fall and winter by layer! Cardigans and open sweaters are the traditional layering item and are fashionable for kids and adults alike. Zip up hoodies and jackets are also a perfect tool for layering and more common for boys. Having cardigans, jackets, and hoodies in neutral colors and patterns means you have more outfit options for your kids. It’s a good idea to have neutrals such as blue, brown, tan, and black. Have a pop of color like with a jacket or sweater in yellow, blue, red, or pink too! Any collared shirt also look great under a regular pullover sweater.

Warm accessories are a must! Scarfs, hats, and mittens are wonderful additions to any outfit for fall or winter. A cute scarf with a long sleeve shirt, layered with a jacket! What a cute look for your little one!

Shop Kid to Kid for your fall and winter items. Don’t forget to sell your outgrown coats, boots, and more for cash or 20% more in store credit.


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Fun fall activities

Fall is our favorite time of the year at Kid to Kid! We love the smells, pretty leaves, and yummy treats. Take advantage of this fleeting season with the fun activities below!

Pumpkin Painting


This activity can really count as three in one. Everyone loves to carve pumpkins, but give this classic activity a twist with something safer, easier and more kid friendly by painting the pumpkins instead.

Step 1: Spend an afternoon with your kids at a local pumpkin patch and let them search out their favorite pumpkin. By letting them choose, they’ll be more likely to be engaged in painting the pumpkin because of the effort it took in making it theirs.

Step 2: Get a few colors of paint and let each child have their own paper plate as their palette. This is a great activity for them to do with friends, or as a whole family.

Step 3: The biggest advantage of painting pumpkins instead of carving is they last a lot longer. That’s why we like to use sugar pumpkins so they can be repurposed into a delicious treat for your family. After a few weeks of providing festive decoration, recruit your little helpers and make a yummy pumpkin flavored treat together. We love chocolate chip pumpkin bread, and of course, pumpkin pie!


Make Leaf Garland (that’s actually pretty)

We all love our kids’ crafts because we love our kids, but let’s just say we don’t always LOVE hanging them on the walls for extended periods of time. Amiright?

For kids who are a little older, try this glittery leaf garland, and hang up something that actually goes with the decor. We love this idea from 6th Street Design School!


Swimming in Leaves

There’s nothing like jumping into a pile of leaves, but it’s almost not worth it for the raking it requires afterward. Keep the leaves contained with leaf swimming in a plastic pool! Not only does it ensure the leaf pile stays nice and fluffy, but it makes less work for you to clean up. Thanks for this great idea from Fire Flies and Mud Pies!

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Cute maternity outfits

Gear up for for your pregnancy with some great maternity wear from Kid to Kid! Here’s some great fashion ideas to get you started on building your wardrobe! Have a friend who needs some maternity wear? We sell gift cards too, which are perfect for the upcoming holiday season! 

Pair a bold top or dress with tights or leggings for a fun, bright look that’s simple to put together.
This outfit looks classic, simple to wear, and comfortable.

More into neutrals? Try this simple neutral blouse paired with a classy blazer and a simple necklace.
Jackets, blazers, and cardigans are great to pair with your new maternity wear as they can stay open in front.

Grab a simple cardigan and use a bright statement necklace.
Solid colors mean you can mix and match outfits easily. This look goes great with jeans too!

Long shirts and leggings are wonderful for pregnancy. It can pair with comfortable leggings
and boots like in this outfit. This fuchsia is a nice color without being too bright and can match with lots of neutrals.

Simple and classic! Use a cute print t-shirt and a colorful scarf for a simple, comfortable look.
A scarf is a comfortable accessory that can keep you warm in winter and look cute in summer.
We love this coral and white look.

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Quick after school snacks

After a long day at school, kids are often wanting a snack. It’s easy to grab snacks from the pantry, but those aren’t always the healthiest or most filling between school and dinner. Here are some quick, healthy, after school snack ideas for your kids. Share your favorite after school snack in the comments!

Veggies and dip

A classic and quick after school snack is veggies and dip! You can cut vegetables like peppers, cucumber, and use ready to dip veggies like carrots and sugar snap peas. Pair these with a yummy dressing like ranch for a quick and healthy snack that’s easy to prepare.

Fruit and nut butter

Add some protein to a sweet snack like pairing fruit with nut butter. Apples and peanut butter are a classic snack. Top these with some granola for a crunch, filling snack. Don’t forget ants on a log with celery, peanut butter, and raisins.

Yogurt dipped fruit and pretzels

A simple DIY snack is to dip fruit or pretzels into yogurt and put it in the freezer. This healthy treat will be a hit for all members of the family and is easy to prepare. You can mix and match different fruits and yogurt flavors too! Try strawberry yogurt on blueberries or pineapple yogurt on a banana. Yum!

Pinwheel roll ups

Grab some cheese, lunch meat, cream cheese, and veggies, layer those onto a tortilla and roll them up. Slice these to make pinwheels that are yummy and healthy. These also last great in the fridge and make a great lunch too!

Quick pizza bagels or toast

You can make a quick pizza bagel or pizza toast at home! Layer your bagel or bread with cheese and toppings, then broil in the oven until the cheese is melted. It’s a great snack that’s also easy to add yummy veggies on top too! You can even top zucchini slices with cheese instead of bread.

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Adorable inspiration for kids’ rooms and nurseries

Kids’ room can be so fun! It’s a great place to play with colors, patterns, and more! Many of our stores also sell kids’ furniture so keep an eye out at your local store. Here are some adorable kids’ rooms and nurseries to serve as awesome inspiration for your kids’ rooms!

We LOVE this polka dot nursery! Switch up the accent colors to work for any gender!
Plus the neutral dots can match tons of interior accents and patterns.

Make other colors and patterns pop with a dark statement wall.
You could even make this into a chalkboard wall with some chalkboard paint!

This teal, gray, chevron, and safari themed room can be great for a boy!
Swap out blue for another color too and it’s a great themed room for inspiration.

Mixing bright colors is fun for a kids’ room! Orange and green make a great pop of color.
Love the green on the floor for an outdoor feel.

Can’t paint? Don’t worry. This eclectic room incorporates tons of personality
and color with accents and different furniture and prints.

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Back to School Ideas

School ideasWe’re so excited for back to school! It’s one of Kid to Kid’s favorite seasons. The back to school trends are so cute this year. Read more about what’s popular for back to school in this blog. Here are some great ideas for getting back into the swing of school and cute ideas to brighten your kids’ day.

Add notes and jokes in lunches

We love this simple little idea to make your kid smile. Add cute notes and jokes to their lunchbox for a nice little surprise and a reminder of home. Get these cute fruit note printables for free from Happy Home Fairy. You can also draw on plastic bags with permanent markers and you can draw on paper bags too! Check out these adorable drawings one dad did on his kids’ lunch bags.

Plan weekly outfits for easy mornings

Check your local weather, then plan out your kids’ outfits for the whole week. This creates less of a morning hassle with outfit planning. Plus you can always make sure you can find a matching pair of socks! Finding that you need new clothes for your kid? Stop by Kid to Kid for some great kids’ fall fashions. Find your local store with our store locator.

Create a homework calendar

Constantly working with your kid on their homework last-minute? Create a homework calendar to track all the homework and when that homework is due. That means less last-minute homework cramming! You can create tons of easy DIY calendars including chalkboard and dry erase calendars. Check out this magnetic dry erase board DIY.

Hold a weekly backpack clean out

Backpacks are a catch-all for lots of old homework, teacher’s notes, lunch bags, and more. Plan a weekly backpack clean out at the end of each week. Take care of any trash and make sure all of next week’s homework is ready to go before the busy weekends hit.

Here’s to a successful and happy new school year from all of us at Kid to Kid!

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