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We shop used first to make the world better, cleaner, and more sustainable

Here's How


When you choose used instead of new, you reduce your carbon footprint by 60-70%. That’s more impactful than ditching your car and biking every day. Plus, the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world.

Support your

Big box retailers and online companies only leave behind ten to forty cents of every dollar spent in your community. When you shop local, 90% of your money stays local and is used to pay your neighbors and friends for their clothes too. It’s an ecosystem that keeps your community humming, and more and more people are realizing that used makes sense.

Use Clothing
For good

Your local Kid to Kid pays cash for clothes and other great kids’ stuff. When items don’t meet our high standards, we offer a donation option too! *See your local store for details and participation.
Your donated items get a second chance and provide a huge impact to the community. Learn more about what happens to your donated items.

sustainable growth

Growing kids take lots of resources, but we don’t need to wear out the world to make them happy.


One thing kids do really well is outgrow their things! That’s tough on the environment.  Producing a new outfit for your child can take over 1,200 gallons of water. Getting that outfit from the factory to your store uses up to 80 miles worth of emissions gas and pollution.

When you upcycle and sell those nice clothes, toys, and baby gear to a thrift or consignment store, you’re reducing pollution, global warming, and water waste. 

When you shop for nearly new clothes to replace them, you’re saving the earth and your pocketbook. Buying and selling gently used kids’ stuff is just one way you can help save the planet for your children and grandchildren to enjoy. 


Buying secondhand is the ultimate form of sustainable shopping. It shows your kids how much you care about the world we live in.

When you choose to buy a gently used stroller or toy or pair of kid’s shoes, you cut its carbon footprint in half. Half the chemicals, half the waste, half the pollution — not to mention half the price! 

It creates good karma (and a little cash in your pocket) when you take the time to clean up the things your child has outgrown to sell them to Kid to Kid. Recycling quality kid’s stuff spreads joy in your neighborhood, saves families money, and is good for Mother Earth.


When you bring your nice things in to sell, we’ll either buy them from you to resell in our store, or we’ll offer to donate them on your behalf to families who can use them. Our goal is to find a new home for all your safe, gently used kids’ stuff.

Donated items support fill-a-bag sales where we raise money to build schools around the world.  We’ve already built 15! Or they are passed on to local organizations to be repurposed or rehomed.

Second hand is a first rate way to shop for fashionable clothes, sturdy baby gear, and safe and fun toys. Outfitting your child in style doesn’t need to break the bank or harm the environment. Thanks for being eco-friendly and helping save our beautiful world for future generations.

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use clothing for good


Twice a year, our stores sponsor and pay all labor and marketing costs for a Charity Fill-A-Bag Sale. This is one of our favorite events, as we are able to collect donations specifically to raise money to fund schools in the most impoverished areas of the world.

During the sale, donated items are available for purchase at a single low donation price for a big Kid to Kid bag. Customers can get as many items as they’d like, and the donation goes directly to build schools with our charity partner buildOn. We’ve raised over $650,000 and funded over 20 schools.

Learn more about the amazing way that buildOn empowers communities in the countries your fabric and clothing comes from.