Kid to Kid 30 Year Anniversary! 🎉🎈

Giving Back

Kid to Kid was founded 30 years ago in 1992 to provide a place for parents to sell their children’s clothes at toys and replace them at affordable prices. Kid to Kid understands that “kids grow faster than paychecks” and uses their buy-sell-trade system to help families stretch their budgets without sacrificing quality. “Where else can I go to get paid cash on the spot for the things my kids have outgrown?  I love trading in their clothes and toys and using those dollars to shop for new things all in the same visit” comments Laurel Smith – a mother of six and longtime Kid to Kid customer. “I’ve always dressed my kids with treasures from Kid to Kid.  And I constantly get comments on how cute their outfits look!”. It’s no surprise that Kid to Kid’s unmatched value proposition and high-quality inventory has allowed the brand to thrive even as other brick-and-mortar retailers have struggled.  “Kid to Kid is a win-win-win for families and communities” explains franchise co-founder Shauna Sloan.

Second Hand Shopping is on the Rise

When Kid to Kid started paying cash to parents to recycle their gently used kid’s clothing toys and baby gear, resale was a truly unique concept. As time has progressed, an increasing number of American families from all different social classes have found themselves seeking secondhand options that offer the winning combination of affordability, quality and sustainability. According to industry reports, the resale industry in the United States alone is set to reach annual revenues of $76 billion by 2025. With rising inflation and broader economic uncertainty, resale options will become an even more popular choice for consumers. “Our stores helped families through the last recession as they searched for affordable ways to outfit and equip their kids. Although inflation has hit many sectors, our prices today aren’t much different than when we started 30 years ago.  Most clothing items are still under $5. They’re pre-screened for quality and condition, and parents can shop with confidence,” comments Brent Sloan, co-founder of Kid to Kid. We take pride in being a resource for parents – one that is not only wanted, but oftentimes needed.

Celebrating 30 Years of Recycling that Pays

The secondhand clothing industry has an incredibly positive impact both societally and environmentally. When parents buy and sell their kids’ clothes and toys and baby gear at Kid to Kid, not only does their wallet benefit, but so does the planet. Since opening its first store in 1992, Kid to Kid has grown into an international children’s resale franchise that recycles millions of items each year across its network of over 100 stores.

“We are so excited to see Kid to Kid continuing to grow and prosper after all these years,” said Shauna Sloan, co-founder of Kid to Kid. “As a mother of 6 and grandmother of 9, I understand the need to find affordable options for outfitting and equipping children without sacrificing quality. That’s one of many reasons why our stores resonate so well with families today!”