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Bring in your gently used kids' items. We'll pay CASH or 20% more in store credit when you sell to us!
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Refresh your kids' wardrobe with back-to-school essentials at unbeatable prices!

Why shop Kid to Kid

Join us in the mission of recycling and reusing great kids’ items since 1992! Kid to Kid stores nationwide annually buy and sell over 2 million items, putting real cash directly into the hands of families in our community. This not only gives a whole new perspective to shopping local but also contributes to saving millions of dollars for families shopping at Kid to Kid. By choosing our store, families can provide a better life for their own children and their neighbors’ children. Thank you for being an integral part of our caring and sharing community at Kid to Kid!

Most Wanted

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sell to us

Welcome to Kid to Kid, your one-stop shop for selling your kids’ outgrown clothing, shoes, toys, and equipment hassle-free! We’re on the hunt for sizes from Newborn to 14 in apparel and ask that all items are freshly laundered, laid flat in a bin or basket, and in good condition.

At Kid to Kid, we price items to sell in-store and offer you a competitive payout, ranging between 20% and 50% of the listed amount in cash. We highly value sought-after brands like boutique clothing, toys, and equipment, rewarding you with a higher percentage for these items. Conversely, infant clothes and mass-produced brands receive a slightly lower rate.

Consider our trade-in option to score an extra 20% more than cash for in-store credit – a perfect choice for those who enjoy shopping with us. Your store credit remains valid for three years and is securely stored on your account until ready for use.

With over 40,000 unique items in-store, your kids are sure to find plenty of treasures they’ll adore. So, why not clear out your child’s wardrobe and turn those gently used items into cash or in-store credit at Kid to Kid? Let us help you create space for new memories while earning a little something extra along the way. Please note that while our buy counter is typically open, there may be occasional closures for special events and promotions. Thank you for considering Kid to Kid as your go-to destination for selling your children’s pre-loved items.

Reduce Pollution

When you choose used instead of new, you reduce your carbon footprint by 60-70%. That’s more impactful than ditching your car and biking every day. Plus, the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world.