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Do a world of good. Shop Resale First.
Save money and shop sustainably at Kid to Kid!
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Sell and buy items from us on the same day and save on sales tax! See store for details.

Why shop Kid to Kid

For over 30 years, we’ve been paying families to recycle their like-new kids’ stuff. Each year Kid to Kid stores across the country buy and sell over 2 million items. That means real cash money into the pockets of families in our community – giving a new meaning to SHOP LOCAL! Even more importantly – it means families are saving millions of dollars by shopping at Kid to Kid. It means a better life for their kids and a better life for their neighbor’s kids. Thank you for being a part of the caring, sharing community at Kid to Kid!

Most Wanted

Snow Boots, Coats, & Snowbibs
Sell your kids cleats at Kid to Kid for cash
Sports Shoes & Equipment
Sell your highchair at Kid to Kid for cash
Baby Equipment
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Boy Pants and Shorts (Especially size 2 and up)

sell to us

Make a difference every time you recycle with Kid to Kid. You’ll earn cash for the best things kids outgrow including clothing, shoes, and toys, and your things will find a new home! Earn more money and save time when you bring in items that are current styles in like-new condition, freshly laundered, and laid flat (not folded) in a bin or laundry basket. Our highest demand clothing styles are athletic brands like Nike, Under Armour, Hurley, and Adidas. Some of our favorite brands are Tea, Peak, Boden, and Zara. We love things like jogger style pants, holiday outfits, and costumes.  Don’t forget to bring your shoes and boots too!

Once our staff has selected the items we’re able to buy and entered them into our software, you will receive an offer. You can choose a cash payment, or earn 20% more in store credit. And when you shop and sell the same day, your purchase is tax free – up to the value of your trade-in.  It’s a great way to save an extra 8.25%!  We look forward to seeing you in soon to sell, shop, and save!

Reduce Pollution

When you choose used instead of new, you reduce your carbon footprint by 60-70%. That’s more impactful than ditching your car and biking every day. Plus, the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world.