Halloween Costume Contest 2022

Get ready for Kid to Kid’s 2022 Costume Contest! We’ll pick one $150 GRAND PRIZE winner and seven weekly winners of a $25 Kid to Kid gift card. So prepare your cameras, costumes, and little goblins and ghoul, and shop for your costume(s) at Kid to Kid this year! (plus, sell last year’s costumes for cash or 20% more in store credit.)

We’ll be rewarding our favorites. Be creative, spooky, and fun to win!


All entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm MT on November 2nd, 2022.

HOW TO ENTER:  Upload a photo or video of your child in a costume on Instagram, tag @KIDTOKID and use the hashtag #kidtokidcostume and/or upload to TikTok at tag @KIDTOKIDOFFICIAL and use the hashtag #kidtokidcostume.

1. Follow @KIDTOKID on Instagram and @KIDTOKIDOFFICIAL on TikTok for updates and weekly giveaways. Winners will be announced on Instagram and TikTok, so follow!

2. Post your child in their costume on your Instagram or a video on TikTok, and use the hashtags #kidtokidcostume to identify your entry. Tag KIDTOKID ON INSTAGRAM @KIDTOKID or onTIKTOK (@KIDTOKIDOFFICIAL). You must post by November 2nd, 11:59 pm MT.

3. On Friday, November 4th, we will pick our favorite costume entry as our grand prize winner. The winner will be announced Friday, November 4th, at 12pm MT.

Weekly Favorites: Seven $25 Gift Cards will be awarded each Friday at 12pm MT, until October 28th, 2022

All entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm MT the day before the award dates.


September 16, 2022

September 23, 2022

September 30, 2022

October 7, 2022

October 14, 2022

October 21, 2022

October 28, 2022

HOW TO ENTER:  Upload a photo or video of your child in a costume on Instagram, tag @KIDTOKID and use the hashtag #kidtokidcostume and/or upload to TikTok at tag @KIDTOKIDOFFICIAL and use the hashtag #kidtokidcostume.

1. Follow @KIDTOKID on Instagram and @KIDTOKIDOFFICIAL on TikTok for updates and weekly giveaways. Winners will be announced on Instagram and TikTok, so follow!

2. Post your child in their costume on your Instagram or a video on TikTok, and use the hashtags #kidtokidcostume to identify your entry. Tag KIDTOKID ON INSTAGRAM @KIDTOKID or on TIKTOK (@KIDTOKIDOFFICIAL). You must post by the Thursday before the award date by 11:59 pm MT to enter each week’s Weekly Favorite contest.

3. On each Award Date, we will select one Weekly Favorite. The weekly winner will be announced at 12pm MT on the Award Dates above.


  • This Promotion is in no way sponsored or administered by Instagram or TikTok. You are providing your information to Kid to Kid and not to Instagram or TikTok.
  • No purchase is necessary to enter. 
  • Photo must be an original photo and copyright must belong to the Participant.
  • Participants must be located in the United States and at least 18 years of age (or legal majority in your state) to participate and submit a photo in this promotion.
  • Prizes left unclaimed for 30 days will be returned to Kid to Kid. Prizes can be transferred as a gift.
  • Representatives of Kid to Kid will determine contest recipients in its sole and absolute discretion and reserves the right to modify and change promotion without notice. 
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BaseCamp Franchising, LLC Appoints Tyler Gordon and Zach Gordon as Co-CEOs

BaseCamp Franchising LLC (“BaseCamp”), a leading franchisor of clothing resale concepts, is pleased to
announce the appointment of Tyler Gordon and Zach Gordon as Co-CEOs of the company. Tyler and
Zach are partnering with BaseCamp’s founding family as the company’s two brands, Kid to Kid and
Uptown Cheapskate, are poised to accelerate their rapid expansion across the U.S. and internationally.

Tyler and Zach bring extensive leadership experience in corporate strategy and franchise management
to BaseCamp. Tyler Gordon was previously a Principal in Private Equity at Apollo Global Management,
one of the world’s largest asset managers. Zach Gordon was previously a Senior Director at Restaurant
Brands International, the global franchisor of Burger King, Tim Hortons, Popeyes and Firehouse Subs.
Over the past several years, Tyler and Zach have served as Managing Partners of Horizon Point Capital,
an investment firm that focuses on partnering with companies to support growth-oriented initiatives
over a long-term horizon.

“Zach and I are honored and excited to be joining BaseCamp as Co-CEOs. Over the past 30 years,
BaseCamp has built a phenomenal community of franchisees, employees and customers, which is
supported by a best-in-class set of systems the company has developed in-house. We feel privileged to
be joining such a vibrant and growing ecosystem, especially one that has such a positive environmental
impact,” remarked Tyler Gordon.

Zach Gordon added, “We could not have asked for better partners in the Sloan family and look forward
to building on the incredibly strong foundation they have laid at Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate. We
share the same set of core values and are excited to help BaseCamp continue its growth here in the U.S.
and abroad.”

Brent and Shauna Sloan, who founded Kid to Kid in 1992, commented, “We are thrilled to bring Tyler
and Zach on board as Co-CEOs and feel our partnership will position BaseCamp to capitalize on the many
exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Tyler and Zach bring an impressive combination of capabilities and
a true spirit of partnership, which is so vital in franchising.”

Tyler and Zach will be based out of BaseCamp’s headquarters in North Salt Lake, Utah.

About BaseCamp Franchising

BaseCamp Franchising is one of the country’s largest clothing resale companies with over $180 million in
annual system-wide sales and over 200 stores across 31 U.S. states, Canada, Portugal and Spain.
BaseCamp owns and operates two leading resale brands, Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate, and has
honed a system over three decades that delivers incredible value to franchisees, consumers, and their
communities. BaseCamp’s model has environmental sustainability at its core, helping keep tens of
millions of products out of landfills each year.


Happy First Day of Summer! Are you already wondering how to keep your kids entertained? To beat the heat and the screens, we’ve compiled a list of 12 books for kids of all ages.

P.S – All books are linked, but if you’d rather not buy online, check out your local library or Kid to Kid!


Ages 2-3

This #1 New York Times best-selling board book will become a bedtime favorite with its gentle rhymes and lively animations. 

#2 The Rainbow Fish

Ages 1-5

A perfect read to teach your kids about the importance of sharing and friendship, this classic will be one of your kid’s favorite books. 

#3 I Survived – book series

Ages 8-11 

This exciting 21-book series teaches kids about critical events in history from 1912 to 2018. Your kids can read the series all summer and pass them along to others as they finish. 

#4 The Seventh Most Important Thing

Ages 10-13

Touching on anger, art, redemption, and forgiveness, The Seventh Most Important Thing will teach kids there is often more than meets the eye.

#5 This One Summer

Ages 12-18 

About two girls on the cusp of their teen years, this award-winning graphic novel perfectly captures the summer where things change forever.

#6 James and The Giant Peach 

Ages 7-11 

This 60-year classic is a kid favorite with vivid imagery and out-there characters exploring mature themes such as death and hope.


Ages 3-6

The power goes out, and a family is forced to be together. No phones, no tv, just each other.

#8 The Upper World

Ages 13-17  

If you had the chance to change your future, would you? This teen sci-fi tale is a soon-to-be Netflix movie with Black Panther star Daniel Kaluuya. Read this book before the movie comes out!

#9 The Moon Jumpers 

Ages 5-7 

From Maurice Sendak, illustrator of Where the Wild Things Are, this book captures the wild imagination of a child as the sun sets and the moon rises.

#10 Thunder Boy Jr.

Ages 2-5

Celebrating the unique relationships between father and son, Thunder Jr. tells the story of a boy struggling to make a name for himself.

#11 The Bad Guys – a series

Ages 6-8

From the creator of Captain Underpants comes this New York Times bestselling series about bad guys who want to be good. Recently adapted into a movie, read a few of these books with your little ones, then watch the film for family movie night.

#12 Peter Pan and Wendy

Ages 9-12

This classic tale is being made into a live-action movie by Disney, coming out later in 2022. So read the classic story with your kids this summer to prepare for the movie!

Happy Summer and Happy Reading! 📖


1) Wash your clothes less:

Laundry day is typically one of the most dreaded days of the week, but it’s sometimes one of the most NEEDED chores in the house. So, what if we told you that putting your laundry off for longer is actually kinder to the ocean? Researchers have proposed that just ONE LOAD of laundry could release hundreds of thousands of microfibers into the water supply, eventually reaching the ocean. In fact, our laundry releases 500,000 tons of microfibers into the ocean each year. That’s the equivalent of 50 BILLION plastic bottles. Adding to it all, in 2017, a report from the  INTERNATION UNION FOR CONSERVATION OF NATURE (IUCN) found that 35% of all microplastics in the ocean came from washing synthetic materials like polyester, which do not break down in the ocean.

Simply asking yourself “Can this be worn one more time?” or  “Are these jeans REALLY dirty?” before throwing them in the wash bin can help reduce the number of unneeded microfibers floating in the ocean. We have all had moments where something gets washed that doesn’t really need to be.

But what about those clothes that DO need to get washed? The workout clothes, the ketchup-stained t-shirts, or the blouse tragically covered in spit-up?  Many sources suggest using a LAUNDRY BALL, to catch all the microfibers coming off of your clothes, so you can dispose of the fibers properly. Bonus? Laundry balls prevent your clothes from breaking down, so your clothes will last longer!

2) Switch to sustainably manufactured materials:

Did you know that polyester is found in an estimated 60% of all garments and does not break down in the ocean? Producing polyester releases two to three times MORE carbon emissions than cotton? No offense to polyester, but this one fabric causes a lot of problems for our earth, and especially our oceans. So, if polyester is everywhere – what can you do? 

While a lot of synthetic fabrics are harmful to our oceans, there are some that are pretty sustainable. Case in point: Lyocell. Thanks to science, Lyocell is made with bamboo cellulose, which allows 99% of the chemicals used to create Lyocell to be recycled! Plus, this fabric is produced in a closed system using previously manufactured material waste. That means Lyocell can be repeatedly recycled throughout its lifetime and made into other garment types. 

Can’t find Lyocell? Next time you are out shopping, look for organic cotton, or more natural materials like linen. Want bonus points? Shop for clothes that are unbleached, or undyed.

3) Make your clothes last longer:

3.8 billion pounds of clothes are thrown out each year by Americans alone. Yeah, JUST Americans. It’s no question we all live in a throw-away culture. We buy a shirt for $3, wear it once, and throw it out. And we get it, it’s hard NOT to buy the $3 t-shirt, especially when someone else is trying to sell the exact same thing for $20, $50, $70. 

Here’s the thing – if we focused a little more on what we need in our closets, and less on what we want to wear for the latest season, we could drastically reduce the number of clothes thrown away each year. (Plus, if you keep your clothes nicer, for longer, you’ll get more money for them at Kid to Kid 😉.) 
So, next time you think “I need a new pair of shoes,” take a look in your closet and assess what you actually need. If there are things you need to get rid of, donate or sell what you can to your local Kid to Kid or Uptown Cheapskate to give your clothes another chance in someone else’s closets

4) Pick a different laundry detergent:

We hate to keep picking on your laundry routine, but switching out your laundry detergent is a great way to keep hazardous chemicals out of the ocean. Nonylphenol ethoxylates and other chemicals used to make detergents are toxic to marine life, harming coral reefs, and even fish we catch and eat.
YIKES. Obviously, laundry detergent is kind of like Shampoo; when you find one you like, you tend to stick to it. So, if you’re someone who has finally found a detergent you love – use your own discretion in switching out. However, if you are interested in learning about more eco-friendly washing methods head HERE.

5) Shop secondhand (aka, Kid to Kid):

Here is where we come in! We know there is no perfect solution to climate change and ocean pollution. But we DO know that extending the life of your kids’ clothes, shoes, toys, and other stuff like strollers, and bikes can help keep unnecessary waste out of the ocean. 

So, for World Ocean’s Day, come to Kid to Kid to Buy, Sell, and SAVE (the ocean, and your money). 

P.S. – Download this digital World Ocean’s Day coloring page (print it out, or color on your tablet to save paper), and talk to your kids about how important our oceans are. Oceans produce 50-80% of our oxygen, support 94% of wildlife on earth, and absorb huge amounts of CO2, which is one of the major contributors to climate change.  

Happy World Oceans Day

Kid to Kid Hodges Point Celebrates Grand Opening

Jacksonville, Florida— The new Kid to Kid resale store in Jacksonville, Florida, located Hodges Pointe Plaza hosted its Grand Opening celebration April 21, 2022.

Featuring character appearances, shopping and activities the festivities lasted through the end of the business day and will continue all weekend. Customers turned up in droves to the family friendly event and left with amazing kids’ apparel and toys to get summer started right.

Located at 13500 Beach Boulevard, Unit #33, Jacksonville, FL 32224, this store offers all the best shoes, clothes, toys, maternity gear, and baby equipment at up to 70 percent off mall prices. Amy Green, franchisee of Kid to Kid Hodges Pointe, also owns and operates the Kid to Kid Jacksonville store. We are excited how Green has grown the Kid to Kid brand in her local community.

After Grand Opening weekend, Kid to Kid Hodges Point will continue to pay community members for gently used kids’ apparel and items in cash or store credit (20% more for store credit). Beyond the business aspect of the new store, Green and her staff offer a donation service to local charity organizations. For more information about this store, visit the Hodges Point Kid to Kid FACEBOOK PAGE or the store website at KIDTOKID.COM/HODGES-POINTE

About Kid to Kid and BaseCamp Franchising

For nearly 30 years, BaseCamp Franchising has been a leader in the resale franchise industry. Kid to Kid, a registered trademark of BaseCamp Franchising, buys and sells gently used kids’ clothes, shoes, toys, and maternity gear. With stores throughout the U.S., Basecamp Franchising provides convenient locations where customers are financially and emotionally rewarded as they recycle their best items. BaseCamp Franchising is located in North Salt Lake, UT. For more information about BaseCamp Franchising, call 801-359-0071 or visit WWW.BASECAMPFRANCHISING.COM


Kid Friendly Earth Day Fun

It’s never too early to start teaching your little one an appreciation for the beautiful planet we live on. This Earth Day, Kid to Kid has put together some of our favorite ideas to help you and your kids celebrate living green! PS Don’t forget to shop at your local Kid to Kid on Friday, April 22nd to get 25% off storewide! Find your local store here: KIDTOKID.COM/STORES

1 – Save this page and color on your tablet or phone for an eco-friendly Earth Day activity! DOWNLOAD HERE

2 – Do these EARTH DAY WORKSHEETS from Play Party Plan.

3 – Pick up trash in your local community.

4 – Plant a tree! Check out one of these reputable TREE PLANTING ORGANIZATIONS.

5 – Go on a NATURE SCAVENGER HUNT Printable HERE from Play Party Plan.

6 – Craft time with sustainable materials! Supplies needed: Empty toilet paper roll, scissors (with adult supervision!), construction paper, glue, and crayons.