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Kid to Kid

Store Visits Dec 2014 186 CHANDLER, AZ—August 15, 2016— Kid to Kid in Chandler, owned by local entrepreneur Erica Gentile, was awarded Store of the Month for July 2016. Through this award, the Kid to Kid franchise recognizes outstanding achievement exhibited by one of its more than 100 children’s resale locations across the United States, Canada, Portugal and Spain. As the youngest of six stores in the Arizona market, Kid to Kid Chandler has demonstrated consistently strong growth, with July sales up an impressive 16.2 percent.

It’s no secret, according to Erica’s franchise support representative, that the success of the store is due in large part to her consistently applying good management practices. She has been focusing on improving processes and training her team in efficiency for an entire year—something that will come in handy as she takes time off in November for maternity leave. “Erica really focuses on keeping the racks full so customers always have a great selection. She has worked hard to understand what is going on in her store by analyzing numbers – a process that as a math major she truly enjoys,” said her support representative.

Erica’s constant focus on the customer experience has contributed to her growing sales numbers each day. A favorite activity is handing out cups of water to overheated customers. The positive comments really help to build staff morale, even as they’re making customers happy in the 100+ degree heat. Thanks to her team’s focus on a good customer experience and maintaining a great selection of product, customers keep coming back. “At our last meeting we joked about ‘slow season’, because it was never slow,” Erica said.

Erica opened her first Kid to Kid store in Gilbert in 2011, and after two years of steady gains, she opened her Chandler store in 2013. “Erica is an amazing owner,” said Kid to Kid founder, Shauna Sloan, “I love that she is open to change. After analyzing her store reports, she made some changes and is seeing the results.”

For more information about Kid to Kid Chandler, visit their website at kidtokid.com/Chandler, or find them on Facebook. For franchising information, visit kidtokid.com/franchising.

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