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Summer kids styles Summer is in full swing! Drop off your gently used items at Kid to Kid for cash or 20% more in store credit to update your kids’ wardrobe. Now is also a time that you probably find that your kids have outgrown items or the styles have changed. Here are some tips for what’s popular for kids this year.

Nautical styles and colors 

Summer is the perfect time for nautical themed clothes and are a huge hit this year for kids and adults. Kids’ nautical attire is usually more colorful. Fun images and prints include fish, ships, anchors, seahorse, and coral. Don’t forget nautical colors like navy blue, white, red, ivory, gray, corals, and browns. Nautical patterns like stripes are also popular for summer for both boys and girls.

Tie dye and ombre dye

Tie dye, dip dye, and ombre are also a big hit for summer and can be for boys and girls. More often you’ll see these items on girls’ clothing. The most popular types of tie dye and dip dye this year only include two colors, instead of the traditional multi-colored dyes. Many of the styles include a white item with colored dip dye either at the top or bottom. You can also try to DIY these dye jobs at home with items you already have.

Colored and patterned shorts 

Patterned and colored shorts and pants are a hit for boys and girls. Colored shorts for boys are usually in more bold colors like blue, red, or brown. Girls shorts tend to be more colorful with coral, purple, and teal. Patterns are also popular. Choose a more neutral pattern so it can pair with more items, likes stripes or dots.

Don’t forget the shoes! 

Sandals and flip flops are always popular for warm weather, and kids’ shoes can get worn quickly. Get some updated shoes at Kid to Kid including flip flops, sandals, gladiator sandals, and more!

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