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Kid to Kid

25 Anniversary_Facebook Profile_Generic Kid to Kid is a children’s resale franchise founded on the principle that “kids grow faster than paychecks.”  Like a growing child, this franchise has grown steadily for 25 years – even as other brick and mortar retailers struggle for survival.

When the first store opened in November 1992, second hand was considered second rate.  Today, thanks to resale stores like Kid to Kid and its sister concept Uptown Cheapskate (for teens and young adults), second hand is considered chic, smart, and eco-friendly. It’s been embraced by middle-America as an acceptable and even superior shopping option.  “That’s because of the way resale stores are run today” explains Kid to Kid founder Shauna Sloan.

Today’s resale stores are designed to help sellers and shoppers save money, feel good, and have fun shopping.  “We work to be different, better, and special” comments Sloan.  This starts with design elements like Kid to Kid’s signature kid-sized “little pink door” and play area that make it fun for little shoppers too.

For Kid to Kid franchisees, being different includes both product selection and how they get products.  Unlike traditional thrift stores, Kid to Kid racks are stocked with hundreds of quality items in every size. “By paying cash instead of relying on donations, we’re able to offer better products” explains Sloan.  Unlike consignment shops, Kid to Kid pays cash up front, so parents know how much they’ve earned and don’t have to come back to get paid.

“It’s a better way for busy parents to sell their things than trying to do it themselves,” comments Sloan. There’s no picture taking, ad posting, or bargaining with strangers from online sites, so it’s safe and quick and convenient.  Instead of spending days pricing and organizing a yard sale, and spending the weekend manning the sale, parents can clean up their things, bring them into the store and be out within an hour.  It’s better for shoppers too.  Kid to Kid is open every day so they can shop organized racks in air conditioned comfort, while still getting incredible deals.

What makes Kid to Kid special?  According to Sloan, “each item is a one-of-a-kind, with about 50 different brands and several hundred items in each size” – which makes shopping fun.  Items are priced at a fraction of original resale, so everything’s very affordable – which is also fun. “It’s like hunting for treasure when the treasure is easy to find!” adds Sloan.

25 years of success comes with constant changes to adapt and adjust to a changing market place.  “Kids keeps growing and we do too,” explains Sloan.  Kid to Kid stores today are bigger and stocked with or four times more product than 25 years ago.  Select new products supplement the used items.  And the intake and business systems have improved significantly.  But the real focus of helping local families stretch their budget and outfit their kids in style hasn’t changed and will continue for years to come.

About Kid to Kid:  Kid to Kid is a children’s resale clothing store franchise founded in 1992. Kid to Kid has bought and sold hundreds of millions of quality children’s items at their brick and mortar locations throughout the country.  On November 15th, 2017, all Kid to Kid stores nationwide will hold a special event and offer 25% off their entire inventories to celebrate the Anniversary.  For more information, visit kidtokid.com.

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