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ARLINGTON, TX—March 8, 2016— Kid to Kid in Arlington, owned by local entrepreneur Debbie Farrar, was awarded Store of the Month for February, just weeks before celebrating it’s 20th anniversary. Through this award, the Kid to Kid franchise recognizes outstanding achievement exhibited by one of its more than 100 children’s resale locations across the United States, Canada, and Portugal. One major factor that contributed to the Arlington store’s success was its consistent growth, despite being in the same market under the same management for 13 years.

“The Arlington store is a shining model of what a Kid to Kid store should be like – just on a super grand scale!” commented Kid to Kid founder, Shauna Sloan. “The organization, merchandising and product selection (both new and used) are superior – which is clearly the driving factor behind a sales increase of 29%,” she said.

At 15,000 square feet, the Arlington location is the largest in the system and has consistently ranked #1 in sales every year since Farrar purchased the store in 2003. Farrar and her team constantly push the limits of what is possible for the franchise, and with their strict focus on organization, efficiency, and innovation, they continuously reach new milestones unprecedented by any other store in the system.

Farrar says when she purchased the 7 year-old store in 2003, she “never looked back.” Having worked in the children’s resale industry for a number of years, Farrar knew she loved the business and jumped at the opportunity to work for herself. “I love being able to help families and kids have nice things,” she said. “I was a substitute teacher for years and with four children of my own, I couldn’t stand for kids to get made fun of at school when they didn’t have name brand clothing.” She saw the importance the resale clothing business was to her community in allowing families to find good quality clothing, toys and baby equipment at an affordable price.

Not long after purchasing the store, the local school district approached Farrar and asked her to carry school uniforms when a major retailer in town went out of businesses. Feeling this would be a good way to serve the community, Farrar added 1,000 square feet to the business to carry uniforms, and the sales followed. Farrar enlarged the store three times before finally moving to a larger location in January of this year, becoming the world’s largest Kid to Kid.

In addition to the growing store, Farrar expanded into other areas of the Dallas/Fort Worth market. In 2005, she opened another Kid to Kid location in Burleson, and then in 2013, she purchased the failing Weatherford location and completely turned it around. Farrar expanded even further that same year by opening the sister store, Uptown Cheapskate, a fashion resale store for teens and young adults.

When asked what Farrar loves most about owning a Kid to Kid store, she didn’t hesitate, “I love the employees, customers and other Kid to Kid owners,” she said. “I employ more than 70 employees between the four stores, and I feel I have a lot to teach them as they journey through their lives with our company or other businesses.” Farrar also loves that by owning her own stores, she is able to keep it a family business and work with her husband and children each day.

For more information about Kid to Kid Arlington, visit their website at kidtokid.com/Arlington, or find them on Facebook. For franchising information, visit kidtokid.com/franchising.

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