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Kid to Kid

CHESTER, VA—August 3, 2018—Your back to school shopping just got a lot easier. Another Kid to Kid resale store in the Richmond metropolitan area officially opens for business on Thursday, Aug. 9 at 4:00 p.m. thanks to the tremendous work of the Jenkins family and their employees. The dazzling new store is located at will open on 12232 Bermuda Crossroad Lane, near Home Depot, and just 20 minutes south of downtown Richmond.

The store is owned by parents Gordon and Diana Jenkins, and their daughter Regina Jenkins-Stallings, who also runs the store operations. Regina’s husband Kenny and a handful of employees have been instrumental in getting the store to where it is now, prepared to host a Grand Opening event from August 9-12. During the Grand Opening, customers can shop for new and like-new children’s clothing, toys, maternity gear, and other items at up to 90 percent off retail prices. Customers will also have the chance to win $50 gift cards to the store, as well as other giveaways.

The Chester store is the fourth within a 30-minute drive of Richmond, but it will be a major advantage to customers south of Richmond who want to do less driving and more shopping. These are neighborhoods that Jenkins-Stallings knows well. “The Chester area is a tightknit, family-oriented community,” she said. “It has grown leaps and bounds over the past 10 years and has always been a place that I call home!” She and her staff are looking forward to “providing affordable clothing for the families of the Chester area.”

Jenkins-Stallings intends to take care of each customer that visits her store. “I’ve always enjoyed providing great customer service. I enjoy working with the public and hoping that my service has made their day a little brighter and easier to get through!”

For several weeks, the staff has been open to buy gently used children’s clothes, toys, books, baby gear, and maternity clothing from the public. This practice will continue as a main focus of the business, providing the public with a way to make some money while updating their children’s wardrobes at the same time. Customers have the choice between cash on the spot or store credit for their items.

Kids grow and learn fast. As they do, sell back their stuff to Kid to Kid and find clothing, gear, and toys that are exactly what they need for their next steps. With Kid to Kid, it’s simple and easy. For more information about the new Chester Kid to Kid store, visit them on Facebook or visit the store website. For Kid to Kid franchise information, visit the Franchise Opportunity page.

About Kid to Kid
Kid to Kid is an international franchise that buys and sells gently used children’s goods and maternity wear in an upscale environment. With over 100 locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Portugal, each Kid to Kid store provides a convenient place where families are financially and emotionally rewarded as they recycle their best items. Kid to Kid is a registered trademark of BaseCamp Franchising located in North Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information about Kid to Kid, call 801-359-0071 or visit www.kidtokid.com or www.basecampfranchising.com.

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