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K2K Alpharetta - Amy and Wendell McCleary

ALPHARETTA, GA —January 24, 2016— Kid to Kid in Alpharetta, owned by husband and wife Wendell and Amy McCleary, was recently honored with the Kid to Kid Store of the Month award for November 2016. Through this award, the Kid to Kid franchise recognizes outstanding achievement exhibited by one of its more than 100 children’s resale locations across the United States, Canada, and Portugal.

The McClearys opened their store in the Alpharetta community two and a half years ago and have seen remarkable growth. From 2015 to 2016, they experienced a 16% increase in sales. They credit their success on having a wonderful core staff and buying and selling quality product. They buy and sell from hundreds of families each week and keep their store filled with the best things kids outgrow.

When asked about the store’s success, their franchise support representative Edward Chambers said, “Kid to Kid Alpharetta has made some great strides this year, making a conscious effort to keep racks full of great product.  Although it has taken time and dedication from them and their team, it has been well worth the effort.” Chambers also commented, “It’s not hard to see why Alpharetta was chosen as Store of the Month. Amy and Wendell push their team to work hard even when they may be short staffed or when they have a busy day. They take these days in stride and stand tired, but victorious at the end of the month.”

Amy and Wendell’s hard work and diligence have proved great success. They, along with their staff, look forward to an even greater 2017 and look forward to continuing to impact the community for years to come.

To learn more about Kid to Kid in Alpharetta, visit their website or find them on Facebook for recent photos and updates. For more information about owning a Kid to Kid store, click here.

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