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One of the best parts about Halloween parties is creating  foods to make your guests squirm. Here are a few of our favorite creepy finds.


Wormy Sliders

Worm Sliders

For a filling refreshment, the wormy sliders are perfect (if you can stomach them). To created the “worm” look, simply slice hotdogs and drop them into boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Add a tasty barbecue sauce and slap them onto toasted buns. (Source)


Monster Eyeballs

Monster eyes

These little bites are easy to make: hard boiled eggs, a dash of food coloring, mayonnaise, paprika and olives. (Source)


Apple Jaws

Apple Jaws

We’ve added this one because we love that it’s not only scary, but healthy too. Use toasted almonds for teeth. (Source)


Witches’ Fingers

witches fingers

Yes, they look terrifying. But combine salty pretzel sticks with white (green) chocolate and who can resist? (Source)


Cup O’ Worms

worm cups

With chocolaty crumbs mixed into creamy pudding, this dessert is not so scary—but it’s definitely yummy! (Source)


Poisonous Potion

dry ice punch

It’s amazing what a little dry ice can do to transform your beverage. Try adding it to Kool Aid, juice or punch. (Source)




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