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Indoor Craft and Playtime Activities for Kids

As it gets colder outside, your kids are playing inside more and more! We know it’s sometimes hard to think of fun activities that engage your kids’ creativity. Kid to Kid is proud to highlight some fantastic indoor playtime activities from ParentMap.

Easy tape car track and town

This indoor activity is featured in our photo! Put together a little town and car track on your floor with low-stick tape. You can experiment with different colors of tape too! This gives your kids a fun place to play with their dolls, cars, and trains. You can even start making houses and buildings out of cardboard. This little activity also has super simple cleanup. When you’re all done, just pull up the tape.

Color themed scavenger hunt

This little activity takes advantage of things you already have in your house. Assign each of your kids a color, and then have the search for items of that color. Expanding this activity to include textures would be a fun way to involve older kids. This activity can also be a way to help with cleanup. Assign a color and have your kids pick up items of that color, and then they can help put those items away.

Invent your own board game

What could be more fun than inventing your own game? We love this idea for getting creative and building a new board game just for your family. Grab a large piece of paper or cardboard and markers to make your game board, and then you can create your own rules. You can take turns using dice or even pieces from other games. One option is to pick and choose game rules from other games to build a new one. Inventing your own game can also encourage your kids to learn, discuss rules as a family, take turns, and come to a compromise for how the game works. As a parent, you can add learning tools like counting and letters into your game!

We hope these ideas spark some creative activities in your home! Kid to Kid also has a great selection of toys and games that are perfect for indoor play. See all 20 indoor craft and activity ideas from ParentMap here.

Photo Credit: ParentMap

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2 Responses to Fun indoor craft ideas and playtime activities

  1. Kavitha says:

    Those are some really great ideas. Would love to try them with my kids.

  2. Charli Smith says:

    I want something that I can do indoor. Something that involves decorating or drawing of some kind if possible.

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