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Puppet Show We love creative family time. Follow this little guide to put on a great puppet show.

Design and gather your puppets 

You can make easy puppets from socks or paper bags. Grab some glue, yarn, pompoms, markers, and googly-eyes to make your puppets. You can also make paper puppet drawings and put them on sticks. Don’t forget about finger puppets from felt or rubber gloves. Here’s a great post from HandmadeCharlotte.com on seven different types of sock puppets. If you don’t have puppets, you can also use stuffed animals or other toys as the stars of your show! Think about what types of puppets you have and what shows you can put on with them.

Set the stage and plan the script 

There are tons of ways to make a puppet stage. An easy temporary setup is to use a tension rod and a sheet in a doorway. You can also craft reusable stage using cardboard. This how-to from alistmakerslife.com shows you have to make a cardboard stage! How cute! You can also drape a table with a sheet or table cloth and hide behind it for your puppet show. Now, plan your show! A good idea is to act out scenes from movies, TV shows, books, or bedtime stories. Have your kids write their own story too.

Start the show and have fun! 

Everyone get comfy in the audience and get the actors and puppets ready. Now dim the lights and start the show! Don’t forget snacks too. A puppet show is a great way to build creativity and have a fun family night. It’s also a way to have fun together screen-free. It’s also a perfect party idea for your next birthday or family party.

Photo and more puppet ideas via Spoonful.

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