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Kid to Kid

There are children in villages all over the world attending schools that don’t offer adequate classroom facilities. They meet inside huts, are taught under trees, walk miles to neighboring villages, or don’t go to school at all. At Kid to Kid & Uptown Cheapskate we believe that education is a basic human right and the key to breaking the poverty cycle. We’ve partnered with buildOn to end this vicious cycle through the construction of new schools in the developing world. Through the fundraising efforts throughout our network of stores, we’ve been able to raise an incredible:


Since 2015, Uptown Cheapskate has joined forces with Kid to Kid and buildOn across the nation to raise money to build schools in developing countries. With the support of tens of thousands of customers all across the nation, we’ve far surpassed our initial goal and have raised over $500,000 and funded 15 schools. With your help, communities in Mali, Burkina Fason, Senegal, Haiti, Nepal, Malawi, and Nicaragua now have the facilities that they need to educate their children for years to come. For a flat donation of $20 per bag, our savvy shoppers fill their bags with as many items as they can fit, and 100% of the donation goes to buildOn. These Charity Fill A Bag Events are held twice a year, so check your local store for details on the next sale.

From recycling clothes every day to holding charity sales, we love to join up with our customers for a good cause.