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We’re celebrating Earth Day on April 21st and you’re invited!

At Kid to Kid, we have a passion for sustainability. We are dedicated to reducing the impact of the clothing and toy industries on the planet by being green 365 days per year. When you support resale, you’re not just being good on your wallet – you’re giving back to the environment and contributing to an economy that is sustainable and green.

To celebrate Earth Day, we want to thank you for your continued support of our sustainability efforts. Visit any of our Kid to Kid locations on April 21st for 25% off our huge selection of gently-used kids’ stuff.

Approximately 40 million toys are thrown away every year in the US. Many of those toys are are still in usable condition. By buying second hand, we can reduce our carbon footprint by 20-30 percent. Here are some other great reasons shop at Kid to Kid:

  • It’s less expensive. Buying kids’ stuff is expensive. At Kid to Kid we pay cash, or 20% more in store credit, for your gently used kids’ stuff and by shopping at Kid to Kid you can expect to pay 70% less than the items original price. That’s a win-win for your wallet.
  • It’s sustainable. In 2014, the US collectively produced 33 million tons of plastic waste. Purchasing second hand helps keep plastic toys and toy packaging out of the landfills.
  • Supports your local economy. Each Kid to Kid store is locally owned by members of your community. When you shop at Kid to Kid, you are keeping your dollars in your local economy.
  • Helps raise money for charities. Kid to Kid, and our sister store Uptown Cheapskate, together have raised $273,582 to build schools worldwide with buildOn. With your help, we’ve built nine schools in third world countries.
  • Reduce the demand for new products. When you recycle your gently used kids’ stuff at Kid to Kid, you help reduce the demand for new products by helping us avoid relying on overseas factories that often provide unethical labor conditions to their workers.

Click here to find an Kid to Kid near you. Our sister store, Uptown Cheapskate, is celebrating Earth Day too!

One of the funnest things about babies is dressing them up!  The onesie is a wardrobe staple, but sometimes the classic solid white can grow drab.

In these DIY Onesies tutorials, we’ve found some fun onesie ideas to give your baby some style.

Classic Cardigan

To give a classy but masculine twist to your babe, try this one on for size. Source.

Classic Cardigan Onsie DIY

Pretty in Lace

Looking for a more feminine flair? Add some lace—doilies that is! Learn about how to applique doilies here.

Pretty in Lace


Infant-hood is one of the rare times we flaunt our age. Document your fashionista with these excellent age labels. Templates are included in the tutorial.

Numbered Bbay

Stencil Humor

Does your baby have some clever things to say? Here’s a DIY to show your little one’s witty side. Side note: recommends a silhouette machine or adept cutting skills.

Stencil Humor

Mini Monet

For the parents out there who can’t resist some good craft fun, this last one’s for you. By the end of this painting activity, your mini-me will be modeling an authentic masterpiece. Go here.

Mini Monet

Kids Back to School Fashion

We love back to school and your kids need clothes. Here are some tips and styles that are in for kids this year!

Jeans, jeans, and more jeans! 

Jeans are the golden standard for back to school clothes! Jeans can come in many colors. Neutrals for jeans like brown, blue, black, and tan are a great way to be able to mix and match while still adding fun to your kids’ wardrobe. Depending on the growth stage of your kid, you may want to get a few larger or longer sizes that your kids might grown into during the school year. Look for quality fabric in jeans so that they will last the whole school year. Bright colored jeans are also really fun for back to school! These jeans should be paired with neutral colored tops but come in a variety of colors. Add a pop of color with yellow or red to your kids’ wardrobe in denim.

Lots of layers. 

Layering is a huge plus for school time! That way your kid can switch up their wardrobe during the day. A bottom layer should consist of jeans or shorts and a tank top or tshirt. Then outer layers can include sweaters, cardigans, button down shirts, vests, and jackets. Scarfs and other accessories add to this look and create versatility.

Don’t forget the coats and boots! 

It will be colder sooner than you think! Don’t forget to add some coats and boots in with your back to school shopping. Light and medium weight jackets and rain coats are also a good addition to your kids’ cold-weather wardrobe. We’re sure last year’s boots might not fit anymore too! Boots can even be worn in early fall too!

Sell your stuff for cash or 20% more in store credit! 

Got a lot of clothes to buy and a lot of clothes that don’t fit?

Don’t worry, you can unload your gently used kids’ and maternity clothes for cash or 20% more in store credit. We’re also buying Halloween costumes too! So look through your kids’ wardrobe and see what needs to be replaced and bring in your gently used items. We’re so excited for back-to-school here at Kid to Kid and can’t wait to help you get your kid ready for this upcoming year!

Photo via Pinterest. 

Summer kids styles Summer is in full swing! Drop off your gently used items at Kid to Kid for cash or 20% more in store credit to update your kids’ wardrobe. Now is also a time that you probably find that your kids have outgrown items or the styles have changed. Here are some tips for what’s popular for kids this year.

Nautical styles and colors 

Summer is the perfect time for nautical themed clothes and are a huge hit this year for kids and adults. Kids’ nautical attire is usually more colorful. Fun images and prints include fish, ships, anchors, seahorse, and coral. Don’t forget nautical colors like navy blue, white, red, ivory, gray, corals, and browns. Nautical patterns like stripes are also popular for summer for both boys and girls.

Tie dye and ombre dye

Tie dye, dip dye, and ombre are also a big hit for summer and can be for boys and girls. More often you’ll see these items on girls’ clothing. The most popular types of tie dye and dip dye this year only include two colors, instead of the traditional multi-colored dyes. Many of the styles include a white item with colored dip dye either at the top or bottom. You can also try to DIY these dye jobs at home with items you already have.

Colored and patterned shorts 

Patterned and colored shorts and pants are a hit for boys and girls. Colored shorts for boys are usually in more bold colors like blue, red, or brown. Girls shorts tend to be more colorful with coral, purple, and teal. Patterns are also popular. Choose a more neutral pattern so it can pair with more items, likes stripes or dots.

Don’t forget the shoes! 

Sandals and flip flops are always popular for warm weather, and kids’ shoes can get worn quickly. Get some updated shoes at Kid to Kid including flip flops, sandals, gladiator sandals, and more!

Kids' spring styles for boys (From Parenting.com) Must-have kids’ styles

We’re pumped for spring at Kid to Kid! Our stores have been collecting the best of spring dresses, outfits, and accessories all year long for the lowest prices. Stop in at your local Kid to Kid to gear up for spring and summer just as the seasons are changing.


Patterns, especially floral, are a spring style stand-by. Don’t forget plaid in pastels and light colors. A simple pattern can be used as a neutral and matched with a variety of colors. Using a subtle pattern adds interest to your kids’ wardrobe while meaning it can last and match with their other clothes.

Kids spring styles and dresses (from Parenting.com) Blazers and vests

The classic blazers, vests, and jackets are now kid-sized! These little touches dress up your kids’ wardrobe more than a regular hoodie or jacket would. More often, adult styles are being made into kids’ styles for a chic look. Don’t forget blazers for girls too!

Colored shoes, shorts, and jeans

Adding bright colors in unexpected places is all the rage for kids and adults for spring and summer. You’ll see more options for colored jeans and shorts. Add a colored ballet flat to your daughter’s dress for a fun pop of color. The must-have colors for jeans and shoes include yellow, pastel blue, and salmon. Grab some great outfit ideas from Parenting.com.

We’ve also got the hot color combinations for the upcoming season.

  • Olive and tan/brown
  • Navy and brown
  • Green and purple
  • Aqua and green
  • Neon color combinations

Spring and summer styles and colors for kids

Kids Fall and Winter Trends and Fashion Colors

Kid to Kid provides not only smart shopping options, but also the trends and brands that your kids want to wear. We make sure that we have the fashions that are in style each year. This fall and winter there are some exciting new trends for kids.

Stylish Colors:

A seasonal color palette is the perfect starting point for finding great clothes for your kids this fall and winter. Neutrals are the traditional fall and winter standby colors. These colors remain classics, however this year as We Connect Fashion reports, colors are branching out into pops of color, bold prints, and blue tones.

Blue is a great color to mix with a neutral like brown or tan. Bold colors that are fashionable this year include reds, emeralds, blues, and purples.

With pops of bold color in style this year for fall, it means you can use clothes throughout the seasons. We know you love being able to use clothes year-round, especially during the busy school season.

Hit Trends:

Knitwear is always popular during fall and winter. This year it’s not only to stay cozy but to be fashionable too. Thick knitwear, intricate patterns, and cozy cardigans are extremely popular this year for boys and girls. Layer these styles with neutrals or pops of color for a chic look.

Boys have some great fashion trends this year including lush colors and fabrics, along with patterns. Camouflage is a great pattern for boys and can include some great pops of color or act as a neutral item. Layering is also more popular with the increase of cardigans, sweaters, and vests for boys’ fashion.

An overall trend for fall is to explore patterns and combine contrasting colors for a bold statement. Outfits for fall and winter don’t just need to follow one color scheme, but can mix contrasting colors. Patterns and layering are perfect ways to include multiple colors into an outfit. See more fall trends from Kiddy Trend.

We can’t wait to see this styles on your children when you stop in at Kid to Kid! We love scoring the great trends that you’re looking for each season. Stop in to your local Kid to Kid to find these fashions and more at great prices.

Photo source: KiddyTrend.com