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Kids Back to School Fashion

We love back to school and your kids need clothes. Here are some tips and styles that are in for kids this year!

Jeans, jeans, and more jeans! 

Jeans are the golden standard for back to school clothes! Jeans can come in many colors. Neutrals for jeans like brown, blue, black, and tan are a great way to be able to mix and match while still adding fun to your kids’ wardrobe. Depending on the growth stage of your kid, you may want to get a few larger or longer sizes that your kids might grown into during the school year. Look for quality fabric in jeans so that they will last the whole school year. Bright colored jeans are also really fun for back to school! These jeans should be paired with neutral colored tops but come in a variety of colors. Add a pop of color with yellow or red to your kids’ wardrobe in denim.

Lots of layers. 

Layering is a huge plus for school time! That way your kid can switch up their wardrobe during the day. A bottom layer should consist of jeans or shorts and a tank top or tshirt. Then outer layers can include sweaters, cardigans, button down shirts, vests, and jackets. Scarfs and other accessories add to this look and create versatility.

Don’t forget the coats and boots! 

It will be colder sooner than you think! Don’t forget to add some coats and boots in with your back to school shopping. Light and medium weight jackets and rain coats are also a good addition to your kids’ cold-weather wardrobe. We’re sure last year’s boots might not fit anymore too! Boots can even be worn in early fall too!

Sell your stuff for cash or 20% more in store credit! 

Got a lot of clothes to buy and a lot of clothes that don’t fit?

Don’t worry, you can unload your gently used kids’ and maternity clothes for cash or 20% more in store credit. We’re also buying Halloween costumes too! So look through your kids’ wardrobe and see what needs to be replaced and bring in your gently used items. We’re so excited for back-to-school here at Kid to Kid and can’t wait to help you get your kid ready for this upcoming year!

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