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We are always looking for ways to make life more simple! We’ve learned that a little preparation keeps us less crazy and saves so much time later. If only we could reach into our ever growing diaper bags like Mary Poppins and pull out exactly what we need, but with a few clear cosmetic bags and a label maker you can be one step closer.
baby bag_071413_0019

baby bag_071413_0004 WHAT YOU’LL NEED:

+ a few clear cosmetic cases (we grabbed ours at the dollar store)
+ a label maker or some blank sticker labels
+ whatever you tote in your diaper bag (look for our on-the-go essentials below)

baby bag_071413_0012 We found keeping related items in smaller cases keeps everything clean and easy to find. And, If you want to throw a few essentials in your purse instead of bringing the whole diaper bag everything you need is ready to go.

Baby Bag Collage

baby bag_071413_0026 A little bag for mama is a must! We always have sunglasses and a lipstick on hand, if you have to run an unexpected errand you can just throw on some sunnies, a little bit of color, and you’ll be looking fresh. We also love Jessica Alba’s tip from the Honest Life; always keep a lightweight scarf on hand. You can hide a stain or spill easily and still look chic.

baby bag_071413_0027 Safety first! Keep all your first-aid staples on hand in one kit. We can’t live with out kleenex, bandaids, neosporin, sunscreen, and antibacterial.

baby bag_071413_0030 The diaper bag would not be complete without the snack bag!

baby bag_071413_0034 Gotta love those binks. Keeping baby items clean makes everything less complicated, so we gave those items their own kit as well.

baby bag_071413_0035 Don’t forget a bag of play stuff and comfort toys.

baby bag_071413_0038 Its always a good rule of thumb to have a bathing suit (and swim diaper) on hand. Especially in the summer 🙂 We also love a sweater and or blanket for an unexpected chill.

baby bag_071413_0024 AND NOW YOU ARE READY TO JETSET!

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  2. Karen Lanzen says:

    Very awesome.

  3. Kristy says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing this. I wouldn’t have even thought about it. Love how organized it is and easier it’ll be when out and about!

  4. Domi says:

    Hi! Love this idea! Did you get all of your cosmetic cases at the dollar store? I hope
    to find some tomorrow!

  5. Sharon says:

    Great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

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