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K2K Houston Galleria, College Station - Sherri & Will Sakson



BRYAN-COLLEGE STATION, TX— (May 19, 2017) — Bryan-College Station residents Will and Sherri Sakson are thrilled to open the doors of their Kid to Kid store to the community of Bryan-College Station on Thursday, May 25th at 4:00 p.m. The event is free and open to the public; everyone is invited to join in the excitement of prizes, tasty food, freebies, and of course a full store of name-brand Kid’s clothes, accessories, toys and equipment at up to 90% off original prices.

“For families who are cleaning out closets, we offer a safe and convenient way for them to sell their items and receive something in return,” Will Sakson explains. “For families on a budget, they can purchase gently-used items in like-new condition for a fraction of the price they would pay online, at the shopping mall or big box store.”

The Saksons also want to contribute positively to their community by partnering with local organizations. In addition to helping sellers donate the items that they are unable to sell at the store, the new Bryan-College Station Kid to Kid will partner with various schools and charities in offering sellers the opportunity to donate their payment directly to the local organization or school of their choice. The donations will be provided to the schools or charities each month, and the donors also receive a tax receipt.

Leading up to the event, Kid to Kid Bryan-College Station will be doing special giveaways and sneak peeks on their Facebook page. On May 25th, Kid to Kid, located at 910 N Earl Rudder Freeway in Bryan-College Station, will be having a Grand Opening Party that will last all weekend long featuring Princess Elsa and Spiderman, balloon animals, face painting, and hundreds of dollars’ worth of prizes.

The store has been stocking up, buying gently-used clothing from the local community. At the Grand Opening, the store’s selection will be revealed and customers will be able to shop the new and gently-used name brand clothing and accessories at a great price. Will and Sherri Sakson are particularly excited about the maternity resale section at their store. They will also have a huge selection of Texas A&M apparel for boys and girls, and one of the largest selections of hair bows and accessories in town. After the grand opening weekend, Kid to Kid Bryan-College Station will continue to pay community members for gently-used apparel and items in cash or offer 20 percent more in store credit.

For more information about the new Kid to Kid Bryan-College Station store and the upcoming grand opening event, visit Kid to Kid Bryan-College Station on Facebook or visit the store website. For Kid to Kid franchise information, visit the Franchise Opportunity page.

About Kid to Kid

Kid to Kid is an international franchise that buys and sells gently used children’s goods and maternity wear in an upscale environment. With over 100 locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Portugal, each Kid to Kid store provides a convenient place where families are financially and emotionally rewarded as they recycle their best items. Kid to Kid is a registered trademark of BaseCamp Franchising located in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information about Kid to Kid, call 801-359-0071 or visit www.kidtokid.com or www.basecampfranchising.com.



With today’s economy challenging the profits of many small business owners and retail shops, BaseCamp Franchising rewards its franchisees for innovative ideas.  At the BaseCamp Annual Meeting held recently in Salt Lake City, Andy and Margie Gelernter were presented with the Innovation Award.  This achievement celebrates the contribution that franchisees make to bettering the system.

“With the rising costs of labor and rent, small business owners need to constantly look for ways to improve processes and decrease costs,” explains BaseCamp founder Shauna Sloan.  “That’s one reason why innovation from the folks who are in their stores every day is such an important benefit of being in a franchise company.”

The Gelernters are multi-unit and multi-concept franchisees with BaseCamp, and are constantly looking for ways to improve their Georgia-based stores.

Margie Gelernter observes, “I’m always thinking of different ways to make people’s jobs a little easier and to reach the masses. Overwhelmingly, communication is key. When we opened our second store, we realized we weren’t going to be able to be in both locations all the time, so we knew we needed to have strong communication with our team and with our customers.”

BaseCamp Franchising is the parent company of Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate, sister companies focused on recycling gently used kids’ items and young adult fashions.

“Our company values state that we are better together, we are innovative, and we are fair,” explains Sloan.  “When Andy and Margie Gelernter came to me with an idea to automate the physical inventory process and save money, it was carefully considered.”

After discussing it with the technical team, BaseCamp made the decision to incorporate the idea and reprogram its inventory management system, allowing each franchisee to save thousands of dollars annually.  This represents significant benefit to the franchise because those savings can benefit all 150+ stores at both Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate.

“Though I’m always thinking ahead, I don’t consider myself entrepreneurial at all,” notes Gelernter. “I thought about opening a resale store on my own before finding Kid to Kid, but choosing a franchise was the best decision we ever made. I have found that the structure and the system enable us and I feel that my voice is heard. We’ve made sure our own store is an environment where people feel like they can contribute.”


Recently, Kid to Kid in Bossier City, Louisiana won the national award for Kid to Kid Grand Opening of the Year.  Recognized for this achievement at the company’s annual meeting in Salt Lake City, franchisee Shannon Linton drew from her experience of opening an Uptown Cheapskate store to make this kickoff a strong success.

“Having already opened an Uptown Cheapskate helped me,” Linton explained. “I learned from that experience and I had a great deal of help from others. We had our full staff there, complete with a ribbon cutting by the mayor and a big event for the community.”

The Grand Opening event also included face painting, grilled cheese sandwiches provided by a local restaurant, and appearances by Despicable Me characters to entertain guests and their families.

“The most rewarding aspect of this award is that we are in a small town,” said Linton. “I feel like we are really contributing to our community. We employ 50 people between our Uptown Cheapskate and Kid to Kid stores. We are also contributing through the recycling and donating of the clothing that comes to our locations.”

The new Kid to Kid store in Bossier City holds almost 12,000 square feet of inventory. The store buys and sells gently used children’s goods and maternity wear, and donates items it does not sell to local charities. Said Linton, “We’re not in a really large town, but we get lots of recognition for being the go-to shopping place for kid’s items.”


Recently, Kid to Kid in Rockville, New York won the national award for Kid to Kid Store of the Year.  Franchisee Leily Kiani was recognized for this achievement at the company’s annual meeting in Salt Lake City and she attributes a great deal of her success to her surrounding community of employees and customers.

“My employees work my store as if it’s their own store,” Kiani explains. “And I have to thank the customers too. We are in a fabulous area and customers want to be green, they want to recycle, and they want to sell and buy great product.”

Kiani describes the Rockville population as a mix of many cultures. With a sizable number of military and government employees, the city represents a strong international community including Spanish, German, Persian, French, and Philippino populations. Kiana decided to open a Kid to Kid in 2013 after seeing a need in her community for a better type of consignment model.

“I was introduced to the Kid to Kid franchise while I was writing a business plan to open a small consignment shop,” Kiani says. “I felt that there was a need for it to be done better in this area. I wanted to do more volume and take on more product. This was far beyond what I had ever dreamed.”

After receiving the Kid to Kid Store of the Year Award, she celebrated by going out to dinner and sharing the news with her staff back home.

Kiani notes, “I truly wish my manager had been there. 4-5 of them have been there since the beginning. They deserve this more than I do and they know their stuff!”







SALT LAKE CITY, UT— (March 20, 2017) — Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate stores across the U.S. are gathering clothing donations for their 5th Charity Fill-A-Bag Event to build primary schools in underprivileged communities.

Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate recycle clothing and accessories by paying cash for gently-used items, and sell them at prices that are up to 80% off original retail value.  

Each store screens incoming inventory for quality and style to ensure a good product mix.  Periodically, stores may receive clothing that does not fit their buying criteria. This may be due to the style not aligning with the current season or ample stock in a particular category. In these cases, store owners facilitate the donation of clothing to various local charities and philanthropic organizations throughout the year.

Once a year, the Charity Fill-A-Bag Event pools the best of this donated clothing for a one-day sale. For $10 or $15, shoppers at Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate can fill a large shopping bag with as much donated clothing as they can fit. All proceeds from the event go to BuildOn, an international nonprofit organization that builds schools in developing countries.

With the money raised by successful Charity Fill-A-Bag Events over the last three years, Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate have built seven total schools in underprivileged communities in Mali, Nicaragua, Senegal, Haiti, Malawi and Burkina Faso. Store owners and customers look forward to the 2017’s Fill-A-Bag event and have opened a survey so that customers can decide where the next school will be built. The Charity Fill-A-Bag Event will take place at the end of April. Shoppers are encouraged to come early for the best selection as Fill-A-Bag merchandise sells very quickly.



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About Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate

Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate are national franchises that buy and sell gently used children’s goods and adult clothing in an upscale environment. With over 160 locations throughout the U.S., each Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate store provides a convenient place where families are financially and emotionally rewarded as they recycle their best items. Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate are registered trademarks of BaseCamp Franchising located in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information about Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate, call 801-359-0071 or visit www.basecampfranchising.com.