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We’re celebrating Earth Day on April 21st and you’re invited!

At Kid to Kid, we have a passion for sustainability. We are dedicated to reducing the impact of the clothing and toy industries on the planet by being green 365 days per year. When you support resale, you’re not just being good on your wallet – you’re giving back to the environment and contributing to an economy that is sustainable and green.

To celebrate Earth Day, we want to thank you for your continued support of our sustainability efforts. Visit any of our Kid to Kid locations on April 21st for 25% off our huge selection of gently-used kids’ stuff.

Approximately 40 million toys are thrown away every year in the US. Many of those toys are are still in usable condition. By buying second hand, we can reduce our carbon footprint by 20-30 percent. Here are some other great reasons shop at Kid to Kid:

  • It’s less expensive. Buying kids’ stuff is expensive. At Kid to Kid we pay cash, or 20% more in store credit, for your gently used kids’ stuff and by shopping at Kid to Kid you can expect to pay 70% less than the items original price. That’s a win-win for your wallet.
  • It’s sustainable. In 2014, the US collectively produced 33 million tons of plastic waste. Purchasing second hand helps keep plastic toys and toy packaging out of the landfills.
  • Supports your local economy. Each Kid to Kid store is locally owned by members of your community. When you shop at Kid to Kid, you are keeping your dollars in your local economy.
  • Helps raise money for charities. Kid to Kid, and our sister store Uptown Cheapskate, together have raised $273,582 to build schools worldwide with buildOn. With your help, we’ve built nine schools in third world countries.
  • Reduce the demand for new products. When you recycle your gently used kids’ stuff at Kid to Kid, you help reduce the demand for new products by helping us avoid relying on overseas factories that often provide unethical labor conditions to their workers.

Click here to find an Kid to Kid near you. Our sister store, Uptown Cheapskate, is celebrating Earth Day too!