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How to organize your kids room | Kids room organization tips Kids have a lot of stuff, including clothes, toys, books, and more! As a parent, you know most of this stuff doesn’t have a place to go. Use these tips to organize your kid’s room and make a home for everything.

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Organize small items and toys in jars, bins, and baskets

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First, every item in your child’s room should have a place to go. Clutter accumulates quickly when there is too much stuff and not enough places to put it. Dress up your organization by placing items in corresponding jars, bins, and baskets. Jars are perfect for small items like toy parts, crayons, and doll accessories. Bins and baskets work best for larger items and toys. Add a bookshelf or book bin to keep books up off the floor.

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Create more space with a loft bed

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Is the room small? Does a desk or dresser take up too much floor space? A great solution is to try a loft bed. A loft bed raises the bed and allows room underneath for desks or dressers. Keep an eye out for kids’ beds at your local Kid to Kid.

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Organize drawers with baskets and bins

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Because kids’ clothes are often small, they can get easily messy in dresser drawers. Keep drawers organized by using bins for smaller items or to separate section. Folding and then rolling clothes can make some much needed room in a dresser.

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Take advantage of unused spaces

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Still looking for more space? Add shelves to the walls to use the vertical wall space. Store the out-of-season clothing in bins under the bed and in the top of the closet. Add an extra tension rod into closets to hold two or more rows of clothes. Pocket organizers on the backs of doors help keep small items and accessories off the floor.

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Involve your child in organization

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Have your kids help with a room organization. Helping with picking up their toys and clothes will teach them where everything moved to in their room, along with teaching them about being tidy. To keep your kids’ rooms clean, you can offer incentives for cleaning their room as a regular chore. Get more organizing tips from Lowes and Babble.

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When you organize, it’s a perfect time to evaluate all the clothes and toys you have. After organizing, did you have more stuff than you need? Sell your outgrown kids’ clothes, toys, and more at Kid to Kid and get cash or 20% more in store credit.  Learn more.

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