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This week in our neck of the woods it has been HOT, HOT, HOT. We had to think of some creative ways to keep ourselves busy while enjoying our comfortable AC indoors so today we made some sail boats with juice boxes and a few other craft supplies we had laying around the house.

box boats_0710_0026

box boats_0710_0005
+ empty juice boxes
+ markers
+ scissors
+ construction paper
+ craft sticks, popsicle sticks, or skewers
+ glue sticks, tape, or hot glue gun
+optional: gummy bears

box boats_0710_0014

Cut out some triangle sails and decorate them however you’d like.
box boats_0710_0008

We used markers, but you could always add some stickers or washi tape too. box boats_0710_0018

Cut a small slit in the juice box and pop in your sail. box boats_0710_0022

box boats_0710_0035

Gummy bears make for great passengers (and snacks!) box boats_0710_0055

We loaded our boats up into the tub, but we’re itchin to fill up our kiddie pool. We can’t wait to take these babies outside on a day when it’s a little less scorching! We even thought we might take them to the pond in our neighborhood park. Take them anywhere you can find some water and have an adventure! box boats_0710_0065 box boats_0710_0093 box boats_0710_0102 After we raced until our heart content we set our little boats on the windowsill to dry and had ourselves a few more gummies. The makings of a great afternoon! Hope you guys are enjoying the summer sun & finding ways to beat the heat.

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