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Kid to Kid
earn cash at kid to kid resale shops
Help us pay you more for your items by following tips for selling APPAREL, TOYS, and EQUIPMENT from one of our expert buyers in the quick videos below.

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Toys Tips:

  • Clean toys
  • Collect all parts in a bag
  • Leave batteries in if you have them (if not, we’ll test toys with ours)

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Apparel Tips:

  • Freshly launder clothes
  • Lay them flat in a box or basket
  • Iron wrinkled clothes
  • Pair outfits together, especially for baby clothes
  • Check for holes or stains

Earn more cash for

Equipment tips:

  • Clean thoroughly— the nicer it looks, the more you earn
  • Launder when applicable
  • Bring instructions if you have them
  • We will check for safety recalls
  • Include all parts and pieces
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