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Kid to Kid

Pre-timeline:  Discovery to decision

Filling out a personal profile prior to speaking with us allows us to facilitate a more meaningful and relevant conversation, as well as gauge whether the basic criteria that we look for in potential franchisees is met.

We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your profile to answer any of your questions and guide you in the next steps of decision-making. We will send you our Franchise Disclosure Document for review, and guide you to the most important sections in this stage of discovery.

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This is an important part of the process and gives you a chance to understand from several perspectives what you might be able to expect once you own a Kid to Kid.

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During your time in Salt Lake, you will be introduced to each department, and can get a feel for our team. You will have the opportunity to spend time in the flagship store and get all your questions answered.


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Once you’ve decided to own a Kid to Kid store, the start-up process usually takes 5-7 months. The primary variables include ease of getting financing, finding a great location and building out your store.  Below is a timeline that can give you an idea of the start up process. Below the graphic you will find a description of each step of the process.

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SITE SELECTION & LEASE NEGOTIATION: We have experts who know the attributes that make for the best site selections, as well as leasing experts who will negotiate a favorable lease.

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FINANCING: We have partnerships with major banks and are well-equipped to get you the financing you need. If you are self-financed, the start-up process is at times significantly shortened.

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STORE DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION: Our store design specialist will create a customized store and fixture plan to fit the dimensions of your space. She will assist you in ordering approved materials and will work with you and your hired contractor during the construction process.

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TRAINING: As a new franchisee, you will participate in a two-part training program in Salt Lake City. During that training you will learn how to create and operate a profitable Kid to Kid. Shortly after, you will refine your skills with a five-day in-store internship.

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FILL YOUR STORE WITH INVENTORY: Before your grand opening, you will stock up your store using an “Open to Buy” period. During this time, you will be marketing to new customers and paying them cash for their kids’ and maternity stuff, but you will not be selling any of your inventory during this time.

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GRAND OPENING: With a store full of inventory, and the necessary preparations in place, you will choose a Grand Opening date and start marketing. Your support rep will come to the store and assist you during your Grand Opening.

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When you buy a Kid to Kid, you are granted a protected territory in which you have the right to operate a Kid to Kid store for a ten year period to buy and sell children’s products using our world-class branding, proven systems, proprietary software, and comprehensive support.
Franchising timeline 4.22.15

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*Franchise fee in Canada is $30,000.

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check out the k2k team >

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