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Kid to Kid


“I attribute much of my success to the Kid to Kid franchise formula—it works. The other Kid to Kid store owners are a wealth of knowledge as well. It’s so great to know that you are not alone and that you can count on them to tell you their experience.”
-Leily Kiani, Kid to Kid Franchisee.

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“It’s a juggling act taking care of two stores, three kids and our employees, but being a Kid to Kid owner gives me flexibility in my schedule. So if there’s an event, field trip or doctor’s appointment, I can be there for my kids.”
-Tracy Schwegman, Kid to Kid Franchisee.

Owners answer the question: “Why do you own a Kid to Kid?”

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“As a Kid to Kid owner,  I have control over my own business. I’m able to work within a system that works, that also allows me to be creative in my own market.  I enjoy the fact that I’m helping people out by providing a service for them to recycle their items as well as for finding quality children’s stuff at a low price.”
-Shannon Unger, Kid to Kid Franchisee.

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