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Kid to Kid
Kid to Kid franchise owners fall in love with the work they do every day as they see the impact they make in their community. On this page we've outline some of the reasons your community will thank you for opening a Kid to Kid.
Supporting local families

When you shop a local, individually-owned Kid to Kid store, you’re not contributing to a far-away CEO’s inflated bonus–you’re helping local families down the street send their daughter to soccer camp, pay for their son’s piano lessons, and you’re helping hard-working parents build a better life for their families. Shopping local keeps your money in your own community, and that benefits you.

Letting another family love your great stuff

It can be hard to let go of the things your kids grew up with, but by selling your kids’ outgrown stuff to Kid to Kid, you’re passing on those beloved items to another family that will treasure them like you did. That’s so much better than hiding them away in a box in the attic!

Creating a fun (and safe!) experience

Even the littlest shoppers are welcome at our stores! Kids come in through their very own entrance, the little pink door, and have fun in the designated play areas while their parents shop for great deals. Kid to Kid diligently checks each item for safety, and doesn’t sell anything that has been recalled by the CPSC, so parents can shop assured that what they buy will be safe for their kids. Sellers enjoy the easy selling process without the hassle of holding a yard sale or meeting strangers who answer online ads.

Contributing to global change


Kid to Kid provides a local place where one customers’ seemingly meaningless “thrifting” is multiplied to create major global change. By combining the efforts of Kid to Kid stores in various communities across the country, we’re able to hold charity sales to build tangible schools in Africa that change the lives of entire villages.

Promoting social responsibility


So many fast-fashion companies use unethical labor means to get product, such as poor working conditions, low wages and child labor, but not Kid to Kid. Instead, Kid to Kid puts money right back in the pockets of community members to recycle their unused things. Kid to Kid also provides a local place for customers to feel assured they’re shopping responsibly and sustainably.

Supporting local charities


Kid to Kid donates literally millions of items each year to local charities including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Salvation Army, Make-A-Wish Foundation, buildOn, and homeless shelters. Kid to Kid also donates $.05 to local charities each time a customer declines using a shopping bag, which adds up to hundreds of dollars each year.

Building confidence


At Kid to Kid, not only do kids get to feel good about dressing in name-brand, trendy clothing, parents get to feel good about providing their kids with stylish apparel on a budget. 

Creating jobs


Kid to Kid stores provide jobs to many people in the community and helps create a career path by building their skills in merchandising, management and customer service.

Building financial growth


Kid to Kid helps many local families save money by offering products children need for up to 70 percent less than traditional retail store prices. Plus, customers earn cash or in-store credit for selling their gently-used items.

Reducing, Reusing & Recycling


Kid to Kid reduces waste by selling outgrown items to new homes to be reused and enjoyed. And purchasing used items conserves energy and valuable resources needed to make new merchandise. This is recycling at its best!