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Organization Stations

The school-year is a hectic time for parents and kids alike. If you want your home to run as smoothly as possible, implementing some routine organization is key. Below are three types of organization stations that can help you keep sane this year. Click each image to find its source.

  command station 2     command station art gallery  command station








Command Station. The idea behind this is to help the kids establish an after-school habit that will keep things orderly (instead of lobbing everything onto the ground).  A command station is where the child empties and sorts their school items into designated places and hangs their backpack on the wall. Mom or dad will then know where to look for announcements, artwork, report cards, and pending projects. Best of all, the before-school crisis, “I can’t find my [insert school object here]!” will be much avoided.



lunch station 2    lunch calendar    lunch station







                                                                        Lunch Station. Making lunch for the little ones each morning can be time-consuming. A lunch station is a place (or system) where the components of a balanced lunch meal are already prepared.  It’s the “batching” concept applied to kids’ meals. By creating a lunch station, you can simplify and shorten your morning routine, and plan your child’s meals better (while saving money too.)



morning routine     chore chart     routine 1








Routine Station. Sometimes all we need is some visualization to keep us focused. Routine lists are a great way to help kids remember their daily routines and chores, without you having to constantly remind them. Rewarding kids when they complete their tasks is a great way to motivate them. There are many free daily routine printables that can be found online.

 Three Tiers of Positivity for the Home

The idea of “home” taps into one of our most primal needs. It is the launch pad from which we begin the day and the sanctuary where we end it. It is our charging station, our basecamp, and our safe haven. For children, it is the beginning of life. Early development—from physical, to emotional, to psychological, begins in the sacred setting called home. A happy home will permeate all other aspects of life; here are some ways to go about forming a positive home environment.


feng shui living room

  1. Physical Environment. If you are familiar with feng shui, you already know that there is a “science” to the way your surroundings affect you. Different spaces create different energies. Arrange and design your home consciously. First, make sure that your home is physically safe, especially for your children (how to child-proof your home here). Secondly, evaluate the effect your home space is having. Ask yourself: How does it make me feel? Is it inviting? Is it uplifting? Can I relax? If you are like most people, there is a possibility that you have too many things. Clutter—extra stuff that takes up space—has been proven to restrict the ability to focus and process information (source). As painful as decluttering may sound, if you want a space that will help you focus and relax, decluttering  is an effective way to do that. Other mood-enhancing tactics that will add a positive effect to your home: natural light, colors, art, and plants. Once you’ve achieved a home environment that is physically pleasing, you can more easily address the other aspects of a positive home.


brushing teeth

  1. Routine, Habits and Expectation. The more challenging task of positivity involves not physical space but physical actions. Once you have your space ordered, think about creating a schedule to go on in your home. The key to accomplishing daily goals? Routine. Routine taps into the habitual part of the brain. When you do something new, your brain creates a “groove” or “track.” With each new effort, those grooves deepen, and the task gets easier because your brain has to build less. In the process of deepening these brain grooves, you are creating something called habits. Habits are automatic actions that actually involve a different part of the brain and don’t require intense concentration. (Think about how hard driving was the first time as opposed to now.) They can be used to your great advantage; if applied often enough inside a routine, habits remove will-power struggles. For parents, that means less battles over eating dinner, brushing teeth, and going to bed on time. Doing these unappealing tasks will be more automatic than not for their kids. Another reason why routine works is because it creates expectation. Two kinds: bodily expectation and mental expectation.  The human body loves routine. It learns when to expect meals and when to expect sleep.  As for mental expectation, setting up a routine schedule breaks down opposition because it creates a sense of fairness and predictability. The child won’t receive a jolt when its 8 pm and bedtime because that is his normal routine and he expects it (and his body will be ready for it). Expectation and routine create smooth order and stability—creating good habits ensure that we do the things to take care of ourselves, which in turn promotes well-being and eliminates contention.  (For more on how habits function in the brain, go here.)



  1. Social Interaction. Now that we’ve addressed physical environment and routine, social environment is the capstone to positivity in the home. Just as the physical environment gives off energies, so does the tone of your social interactions. As a parent, you have the power to set this tone, and you can do this by setting positive communication standards. Teach family members to be aware of other’s feelings, be giving, be honest, let others speak, and communicate their feelings. Seek to create a social environment that is accepting, loving and forgiving. You want members to be respectful of others, and also feel respected. Children in the home should feel valued and able to express themselves. Allowing everyone in the family to contribute to house rules can also be useful. Hold a brainstorming session where you discuss the benefits of having a positive home. Decide together what rules could make those benefits a reality. This kind of communication may be difficult to make happen, but just the act of approaching the family government in a democratic way will help its members feel more appreciated and willing to work together. (Go here for more positive family communication tips.) Solidify positive social interaction by doing family activities together. Happy, family bonding doesn’t happen on its own. It requires committed quality time.  You can engender positive social interactions by doing direct, love-building activities, like this Wall of Love for example, or you can simply make happy memories together by doing fun things as a family while practicing positive communication skills.

Lastly, understand that change takes time. As you work towards transforming your home into a happier place, recognize and celebrate even the smallest of improvements. Stay positive!

IMG_0898ARVADA, CO—August 20, 2015— Kid to Kid Arvada, Colorado has been awarded Store of the Month in July by the Kid to Kid Franchise System. The franchise offered its congratulations to owners Todd and Miriam Frick and their team in Arvada on their second award as the store was previously awarded Store of the Month in October of 2013. The Fricks attribute their success to their well-trained and hard-working staff that took on extra responsibility as the Fricks spent a large portion of their time getting their third business, Uptown Cheapskate Centennial, up and running.

Todd and Miriam gave special recognition to their manager, Amanda Funnell. According to Miriam, “Amanda is truly an amazing leader. She fosters such a great work atmosphere that the staff is happy and clearly having fun while they work.” Amanda’s focus on training and efficiency, as well as building team morale, encouraged each employee to engage in the business’s success. This, combined with a successful Semi-Annual Sale, led to a 20 percent increase in sales in July.

“It is a tremendous achievement for a single store to win Store of the Month twice in two years,” said Shauna Sloan, founder of Kid to Kid. “The team in Arvada does a fantastic job, and they deserve it.” Kid to Kid, an upscale resale franchise for kids’ clothing, toys and baby equipment, now has more than 100 locations in the United States, Portugal and Canada.

The Fricks are now proud owners of Kid to Kid Aurora, Kid to Kid Arvada, and the franchise’s sister concept for teen and young adult apparel, Uptown Cheapskate Centennial.

“The Fricks are great examples of both of our franchises, and we appreciate the great work they do,” said Sloan.

To learn more about Kid to Kid of Arvada, visit their website or find them on Facebook.

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Kid to Kid in Chambersburg

CHAMBERSBURG, PA—August 7, 2015—Business owner and local resident, Suzanne Lloyd, is excited to announce she is moving her Kid to Kid Shippensburg store to a much larger location in Chambersburg. The new store location will celebrate its grand opening on August 13 at 4 p.m. Light refreshments will be available for shoppers. Customers will also have the chance to win four tickets to Hershey Park and a shopping cart full of new Melissa and Doug products.

The Kid to Kid store is currently located in the Shippensburg Shopping Center at 205 Conestoga Drive. After residing at this address for five years in a 2440 square foot space, Kid to Kid will move to 428 Gateway Avenue in Chambersburg. This new location is 5200 square feet and will allow Lloyd to purchase more merchandise and offer more varieties year round. This is the second time in 16 years Lloyd has expanded her store to better serve her community.

“I think this move is an awesome opportunity for both community and the shop!” said Lloyd. “Our new store is conveniently located right off the interstate. And because we are in a bigger space, we can provide a much larger selection of merchandise to our customers.”

The Kid to Kid franchise offers shoppers new and gently used, name brand children’s apparel, toys, books, shoes, baby gear and maternity wear. Unlike typical consignment, Kid to Kid pays their customers cash or offer in-store credit for their gently used items and resells them at up to 70 percent less than found in traditional retail.

For more information, visit the store website or follow Kid to Kid – Chambersburg on Facebook for frequent updates, pictures and happenings in the store.

About Kid to Kid
Kid to Kid is an international franchise that buys and sells gently used children’s goods and maternity wear in an upscale environment. With over 100 locations throughout the U.S., Portugal and Canada, each Kid to Kid store provides a convenient place where families are financially and emotionally rewarded as they recycle their best items. Kid to Kid is a registered trademark of BaseCamp Franchising located in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information about Kid to Kid, call 801-359-0071 or visit or


Before summer is over, get your kids outside. Sidewalk chalk is the perfect way to create some art during the warmer months! Here are some fun and exciting ideas with minimal ingredients.

#1: Chalk Rockets!

Ingredients: Corn starch, water, food coloring, film canisters, Alka-seltzer. Source

Chalk Rocket



#2: Ice Chalk!

Ingredients: Corn starch, water, food coloring, ice cube trays. Source

Ice Chalk


#3: Color Changing Squirty Chalk!

Ingredients: Squirt bottles, corn starch, baking soda, food coloring, vinegar. Source

Squirty Chalk


#4: Exploding Sidewalk Chalk!

Ingredients: Zip seal sandwich bags, corn starch, vinegar, food coloring, baking soda. Source

Exploding Sidewalk Chalk


#5: Sidewalk Paint Chalk

Ingredients: Corn starch, water, neon food coloring, sponge brushes, extra large muffin tin. Source

Sidewalk Paint

Recall date JULY 30, 2015
Recall number 15-203

Recall Summary

Name of Product

Foam crib mattresses


The crib mattresses fail to meet the mandatory federal mattress flammability standard for open flames, posing a fire hazard.

Consumer Contact

Stork Craft at (800) 274-0277 Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. PT, by email, or online at and click on Product Recall near the bottom of the page for more information.

Recall Details


About 18,500


This recall involves Stork Craft foam crib and crib/toddler mattresses with model numbers 06710-100 and 06710-200 and a date of manufacture between August 2014 and January 2015. The mattresses have a zippered white fabric cover and measure about 28 inches wide, 52 inches long and have a 5 inch thick foam core. The model number, date of manufacture and “Stork Craft Manufacturing (USA) Inc.” are printed on white federal label attached to the white mattress cover. The mattresses’ box has a Graco logo.


None reported


Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled crib mattresses and contact Stork Craft for a free, zippered mattress barrier cover to be placed over the mattress foam core and under the white mattress cover provided with the mattress.

Sold at

Walmart stores nationwide and online at,,, and from August 2014 through April 2015 for between $38 and $50.


Stork Craft Manufacturing USA Inc., of Las Vegas, Nev.

Manufactured in


Back in April, our Kid to Kid customers helped us raise a total of $51,613 during our charity Fill-a-Bag sale. Funds have gone towards building the first of three schools in Africa.  We are so excited to show you the progress that is being made on the first school in Bromba, Mali. The community officially broke ground on July 2.


Bromba is a remote village in Mali. With a population of more than 14 million and ranked the 12th poorest country in the world, Mali also has one of the lowest literacy rates at 38 percent—with females at only 17 percent. Below are pictures of the actual school in Bromba.


Currently 113 students, 50 of whom are girls, attend school in three temporary classrooms and are taught only up to the fourth grade. With the new school, it is anticipated that higher grades will be offered.




Our partner, buildOn, required that every adult in Bromba sign an agreement to help build this school and maintain it.  The agreement stated they had to provide the land, local material and labor as well as send an equal number of girls and boys to school.  We love that this school is a community project—not just a gift. Many of the women who signed the covenant did so with a thumbprint because they don’t know how to write their names. We’re thrilled to bring literacy to this village through the building of this new school.



We’ll post more photos as we get them!  If you didn’t make it to our first charity Fill-a-Bag sale, be sure to come support this great cause in November.  You’ll get a large Kid to Kid bag to fill with specially marked product for just a $15 donation to buildOn and to our second and third schools in Senegal and Burkina Faso.

To read the entire Groundbreak Report, click here.