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Kid to Kid

Feeling pent-up indoors and the kids need something (besides watching TV) to do?

Here are some simple indoor-games that can help fight your cabin fever.

cabin fever


Plastic Cup Construction

Supplies: lots of plastic cups

Want to stretch their creativity? Lighter than blocks and easy to condense for storage, “plastic cup construction” is a ridiculously simple activity that will get their brains working as they try to build  structures out of cups. Whether you challenge them to build a tower, a fortress, or a mini-colosseum—this creative, low-mess activity will keep your kiddos occupied for hours. (link)


 Tape Maze

Supplies: painter’s tape, (straws and ping pong balls optional)

Another fun and low-maintenance in-door game is creating a tape maze. Using tape, (blue painter’s tape works great) create a large maze on the floor. Then have the little ones try to solve the maze with toy cars or ponies. If you really want to make it fun, give them some straws and ping pongs balls, and have them guide the balls with puffs of air. Let them change up the maze and add toy obstacles to keep the fun going. (link)

Check out this cool variation here: (link)


What’s in the Bag?

Supplies: a bag, objects found around the house

Caution: this game may not be for the faint of heart—depending on how “creative” your child can be. Give the child a bag and allow them to collect five things from around the house. Have them bring the bag back to you or another player. By feeling the objects inside the bag (no peeking!), try and guess what’s inside. (link)


Simon Says

Supplies: a large room, 3+ people

A grade school classic, Simon Says is a game that teaches the players to listen carefully before they act. One person who is in charge gives out any kind of command, such as, “pat your head,” “jump three times,” or [insert silly action]—except they should only do the action if the person in command (i.e. Simon) says “Simon says” before. This game can get a little competitive but it’s great to play if you need to kill some time with a group of little ones and you don’t have any props. (link)


 Balloon Paddle Ball

Supplies: paper or plastic plates, tape, Popsicle sticks, balloons

For reasons unknown, kicking a balloon in the air can entertain for hours—especially with a toy paddle. Create a paddle out of a plate and a popsicle stick, blow up a balloon, and tell them the balloon cannot touch the floor. (link)


Portraits made by Sara Caldwell for The Augusta Magazine on Friday, September 13, 2013.

Portraits made by Sara Caldwell for The Augusta Magazine on Friday, September 13, 2013.

EVANS, GA—January 21, 2016—BaseCamp Franchising is pleased to award the Kid to Kid Store of the Month award for December to Shannon Unger, owner of the Evans Kid to Kid location. Through this award, the Kid to Kid franchise recognizes outstanding achievement exhibited by one of its more than 100 children’s resale locations across the United States, Canada, and Portugal. Unger’s store continually ranks among the top three Kid to Kid locations for sales every year due to her strong management skills, her love of the business, and her genuine compassion for the people she serves.

One of the most impressive successes of the Evans store is its continuous growth. Sales were up 21 percent in December, and it attracted more than 400 new customers despite the fact that the store has been open for 10 years. This is a testament to the impact Unger’s store makes in her community each day, allowing thousands of families to stretch their budgets without sacrificing style or quality. “Shannon is winning Store of the Month because she does amazing things with her management skills, and serves the community in a very significant way,” said Shauna Sloan, founder of Kid to Kid.

Unger says the best part of being a Kid to Kid owner is she gets to do what she loves while being there for her family. “I love my life!” she said. “I get to work with great people and help out the community at the same time. It’s fun to provide a service for families and individuals who are looking for a great deal on fashionable clothes. And the items we don’t sell we donate to local charities. It just feels good.”

Unger first opened her store in Evans in 2006, and has become one of the top franchisees in the Kid to Kid system. “As a single mom of five kids, I understand how expensive it can be to raise a growing family,” Unger said. When her Evans location grew so busy that she worried about being able to properly serve the community, she opened another Kid to Kid store in Augusta. Between the two stores and her two Uptown Cheapskate stores (a buy and sell fashion exchange for teens and young adults), she benefits thousands of families each year.

“Shannon is really a leader in our franchise system,” said Sloan. “She not only ranks in the top spots for sales for both Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate, but she continually imparts her knowledge and experience to other franchisees to improve the entire brand. She is an inspiring business owner, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to award her with the Store of the Month designation.”

To learn more about Kid to Kid of Evans, visit or find them on Facebook.

Why Less is More : How reducing your child’s toy collection is a positive thing


Toys, toys, toys! Now more than ever kids have a plethora of toys to choose from. But “toys are not merely playthings.” They are tools for molding children in their development. Toys “form the building blocks for our child’s future, teach our children about the world and about themselves.” Beyond that, they are a means of sending messages and communicating values. Therefore, it is important that parents think about how effective their children’s toys are and what foundation their toys are laying.  (Why Fewer Toys will Benefit Your Kids)

Many child psychologists support the idea that ‘less is more.’ Studies show that fewer toys will benefit children in the following ways: kids learn to be more creative, develop longer attention spans, establish better social skills, learn to take greater care of things, develop a greater love for reading, writing, and art, become more resourceful, argue less with each other, learn perseverance, become less selfish, experience more of nature, learn to find satisfaction outside of the toy store, and live in a cleaner, tidier home.

Objects of play must be simple and safe and allow a child’s’ imagination to flourish. The best toys to assist in healthy development are the ones that allow kids to “fill in the blanks.” Blocks, plain dolls, art sets, musical instruments, balls, household objects, things from nature, etc., allow the child to determine what that object is and how they want to interact with it. The child is empowered to define what the ‘toy’ is and how to play with it.
One main consideration to contemplate when bringing toys home is a toy’s “play value”. Liat James, author of ‘Raising Children’ states that play value is the most important aspect when it comes to toys. In an article from, James breaks down the three factors that make a brilliant toy and how to decide what to keep, what to buy, and what to pass on:

  1. Social Value: play that teaches sharing, patience, and healthy social skills
  2. Versatility: toys that can “be” anything
  3. Durability: Long-lasting and safe

To help other parents in their journey of cutting back, share your experiences and ideas by commenting, liking, and sharing!

Topics to get you started:

What’s the most imaginative toy your child has made out of an everyday object? 

What toys do your children love and play with over and over again? 

What art supplies or musical instruments are the best to have in the home?




SANDY, UT—January 8, 2016—Kid to Kid in Sandy, Utah, owned by Holly and Rob Aguero, a local family-owned franchise was selected from over 100 Kid to Kid stores across the United States, Portugal, and Canada to receive the Kid to Kid Store of the Month award for November 2015. Although the Agueros have only owned the Sandy Kid to Kid for less than a year, they have already made notable changes in the store and management of the staff that are resulting in significantly improved customer experiences.

One of the reasons the Sandy location was chosen for the award was its impressive growth. Sales for November were up 28 percent.  Over the past year they have been working on a complete remodel of the store which has included new flooring, slat wall and floor resets, and new fixtures. These additions have allowed for a dramatic  increase in the selection of gently used children’s clothes,  maternity wear, toys and baby gear.

The Agueros attribute much of their early successes to experience and management style. Unlike many new franchises, the Agueros have experience in the children’s industry and children’s retail. Rob held the role of National Sales Manager for Boon Inc/Keen Distribution and Holly worked in management for national retailers “Giggle” and “Right Start” before moving to Utah to manage the Kid to Kid store in Salt Lake. Holly loved the feel of the Kid to Kid franchise so much that when the opportunity arose, she and her husband Rob (who actively manages marketing and social media for the store) purchased the Sandy location – which was the original Kid to Kid store in the whole franchise.

Franchise founder Shauna Sloan comments, “Holly is one of the best managers I’ve ever seen.  She understands what’s important and conveys that to her team.”  Aguero credits her employees for her success. “I’ve managed employees for 13 years, and I’ve never before had a team so motivated, dependable, hardworking, and great with customers.” Though she feels lucky to have found such wonderful employees (several of whom are still teenagers), Aguero’s strategy in managing her employees really stood out among Kid to Kid franchises. She sets clear expectations each day and holds the team accountable. Each employee knows their task and doesn’t deviate, resulting in increased efficiencies and streamlined processes. Aguero said she focuses on treating the employees well, recognizing and utilizing their personal strengths and reinforces a sense of team daily.  This attitude quickly translated to the customers, and more and more customers are noticing how friendly and helpful the staff has become.

The Agueros purchased the Sandy location in April of 2015. In Holly’s eyes, running the children’s resale store has been the most rewarding businesses decision they could have made. “I love it,” she said. “It’s been the best thing for our family. I work fewer hours each week than when I worked for other companies. I get to spend so much more time with my husband and 2 year-old daughter.” On top of the extra time free time, Aguero said one of the best parts of owning a Kid to Kid franchise is how fulfilling it is to work for herself, “I love seeing the results of my own work. Before, I’ve always worked for someone else, but now I get to really see my full potential as a business owner. It’s a very satisfying feeling.”

To learn more about Kid to Kid of Sandy, visit or find them on Facebook.

About Kid to Kid
Kid to Kid is an international franchise that buys and sells gently used children’s goods and maternity wear in an upscale environment. With more than 100 locations throughout the U.S., Portugal and Canada, each Kid to Kid store provides a convenient place where families are financially and emotionally rewarded as they recycle their best items. Kid to Kid is a registered trademark of BaseCamp Franchising located in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information about Kid to Kid and BaseCamp Franchising, call 801-359-0071. You may also visit or

Kid to Kid wants to help you work towards your new goals this year. Setting goals has proven to be most effective when goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. As you go about setting new goals in each area of your life, keep your goals within these realistic guidelines and you are more likely to have success. Remember, even just the act of writing down your goals will give your a greater likelihood of achieving them. So what are you waiting for? Good luck and Happy New Year!

  Goals_Share Graphic_small

Click on this image to download your S.M.A.R.T. goals chart.


‘Tis the season of giving. Here are a ten services activities that the whole family can do together.

snow heart

  1. Adopt a family for the holiday through a local business or faith. Shop for them together as a family.
  2. Fill a bag or purse with hygiene supplies, gloves, socks, and snacks; give it to a homeless man or woman.
  3. Send holiday thank you cards to your local police officers, firemen, and librarians.
  4. Shovel snow and rake leaves for your neighbors.
  5. Babysit for a family friend so that the mom and dad can go on a date.
  6. Decorate and write holiday cards for senior citizens
  7. Put on a talent show for the local nursing home (schedule in advance).
  8. Bake and leave treats for your mail carrier.
  9. Collect extra textbooks and donate to students in need in places like Sierra Lione and other African nations.
  10. Host a hot chocolate stand and donate the proceeds to charity.


Salisbury - Emily Schramm LeAnna Bush Nancy Kline SALISBURY, MD—December 3, 2015—Local residents, Nancy Kline, Emily Schramm and LeAnna Bush, are excited to announce the grand opening of their Kid to Kid children’s resale store on Friday, December 11 at 10 a.m. The grand opening will feature prize giveaways, an appearance by Elmo, and the first chance for customers to shop the store.

Located at 2632 N Salisbury Blvd. in Salisbury, the Kid to Kid franchise buys and sells new and gently used children’s apparel, toys, books, baby gear and maternity clothing.

For several weeks, the store has been open to the public for customers to sell their gently used items for cash. After the grand opening, customers will be able to shop for new and like-new children’s clothes, shoes, toys, baby equipment and maternity apparel up to 70 percent less than retail prices. The Kid to Kid store will continue to pay for second hand items by offering customers cash or up to 20 percent more in store credit.

In addition to carrying hundreds of recycled items, the Kid to Kid store will also offer many new products including toys, shoes, hair bows and apparel.

“I am so excited to bring Kid to Kid to the Salisbury community. I love the idea of giving people a place to recycle their gently used kids clothing and gear,” said Bush. “Being a mother of a young family, I understand the expense of little ones and how fast they grow. It is a win-win for everyone, whether you are buying or selling or both.”

Although this is the first Kid to Kid store for Kline, Schramm and Bush, they are not new to the resale concept. In 2010, mother and daughter team Kline and Schramm opened their first Uptown Cheapskate store in Timonium, the sister store of Kid to Kid that buys and sells teen and young adult fashion. They now own three Uptown Cheapskate stores in Timonium, Rockville and Salisbury. Kline and Schramm teamed up with Bush to open their first Kid to Kid directly next door to the newly expanded Salisbury Uptown Cheapskate store. They are excited to apply the principles they’ve learned from Uptown Cheapskate to create a successful Kid to Kid business, and provide an important resource to families in their community.

For more information, visit the store website or follow Kid to Kid Salisbury on Facebook for frequent updates, pictures and happenings in the store. For Kid to Kid franchise information, visit the Franchise Opportunity page.

bendy candy canes

Food often plays a big role in our holiday celebrations. Here are some food-themed activities that you can try out this holiday season to add to the family fun.

  1. Donate to Those in Need

It’s a time of loving, sharing, and giving. Look within your community to find a local food drive that you can contribute to as a family. You can especially teach your little ones the importance of giving to those in need by asking them to help you select the food (or hygienic items) to give away for donation.

  1. Decorate Sugar Cookies—Deliver to Loved Ones!

Sugar cookies can be molded into all shapes and sizes, plus they provide a perfect canvas for colorful icing. Sit down as a family and create some holiday cookie masterpieces together. Once the cookies are done, deliver them to neighbors, friends, and family as a way to spread holiday cheer. Need a recipe? Go here.

  1. Gingerbread Houses: With a Twist

Building gingerbread houses is always creative, tasty, and fun! One great family tradition is to bake and decorate a gingerbread house together, and hide a family DVD inside. Set a special day in the future to break open the gingerbread house (the kids love this part) and watch the film together. We especially like this gingerbread house tutorial.

  1. Decorate With Food

We like food so much, we use it to decorate! Bake some spicy aroma cookie ornaments, try bending candy canes into pretty shapes, or string some old-timey popcorn garlands.

  1. Hot Cocoa & Stories

Sometimes it’s the simple things we love the most. Who can deny a toasty mug by the fire? Pour yourselves some hot cocoa and gather around a cozy place to slow down and tell family stories.  This homemade peppermint hot chocolate looks right for the task.



Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude and spending quality time with family; it’s the perfect time to continue or begin family traditions.

Here are some great family activities to try out this holiday.

1. Macy’s Day Parade

This year will be the 89th Annual Macy’s Day Parade. Watching the parade is a long-time Thanksgiving Day tradition for many American families. For details on the parade this year, click here.

2. Turkey Trot Run

As these types of runs grow increasingly popular, check to see if your town is hosting a Turkey Trot Run. Turkey Trots are usually open to the whole family, and as proceeds often go to charities it’s a great way to give back on a day of gratitude. Not to mention, it’s a great way to get some exercise before the big feast!

3. Touch Football

With a chaotic Thanksgiving morning, it may be a good idea to send some of the family outside (away from the kitchen) for some athletic bonding. Football is traditionally the sport of the day, but if you have little ones, try some Touch Football to keep it kid-friendly.

4. Thanksgiving Table Crafts

Another way to keep the kids occupied is to have them build Thanksgiving decorations for the table. The kids will have fun making their personal contribution and this could be a great time to sneak in a lesson on how to set the table while they’re at it. Here are some awesome craft ideas here.

5. Discuss Family History

With all of the relatives around, what better time to discuss family genealogy? You may want to bring out some photo albums to help refresh old memories or build a family tree with the little ones. If you want to keep it simple, ask each family member to tell their favorite family story. The warm memories are sure to bring many smiles!