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Kid to Kid

Feeling pent-up indoors and the kids need something (besides watching TV) to do?

Here are some simple indoor-games that can help fight your cabin fever.

cabin fever


Plastic Cup Construction

Supplies: lots of plastic cups

Want to stretch their creativity? Lighter than blocks and easy to condense for storage, “plastic cup construction” is a ridiculously simple activity that will get their brains working as they try to build  structures out of cups. Whether you challenge them to build a tower, a fortress, or a mini-colosseum—this creative, low-mess activity will keep your kiddos occupied for hours. (link)


 Tape Maze

Supplies: painter’s tape, (straws and ping pong balls optional)

Another fun and low-maintenance in-door game is creating a tape maze. Using tape, (blue painter’s tape works great) create a large maze on the floor. Then have the little ones try to solve the maze with toy cars or ponies. If you really want to make it fun, give them some straws and ping pongs balls, and have them guide the balls with puffs of air. Let them change up the maze and add toy obstacles to keep the fun going. (link)

Check out this cool variation here: (link)


What’s in the Bag?

Supplies: a bag, objects found around the house

Caution: this game may not be for the faint of heart—depending on how “creative” your child can be. Give the child a bag and allow them to collect five things from around the house. Have them bring the bag back to you or another player. By feeling the objects inside the bag (no peeking!), try and guess what’s inside. (link)


Simon Says

Supplies: a large room, 3+ people

A grade school classic, Simon Says is a game that teaches the players to listen carefully before they act. One person who is in charge gives out any kind of command, such as, “pat your head,” “jump three times,” or [insert silly action]—except they should only do the action if the person in command (i.e. Simon) says “Simon says” before. This game can get a little competitive but it’s great to play if you need to kill some time with a group of little ones and you don’t have any props. (link)


 Balloon Paddle Ball

Supplies: paper or plastic plates, tape, Popsicle sticks, balloons

For reasons unknown, kicking a balloon in the air can entertain for hours—especially with a toy paddle. Create a paddle out of a plate and a popsicle stick, blow up a balloon, and tell them the balloon cannot touch the floor. (link)


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